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Have I over-done it - pains in tummy!!

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Ilovechops Thu 18-Dec-14 16:17:09

So I've been Ill with a cold, feeling bad but not terrible today so working from home. DD is here with babysitters. I have been (foolishly) perhaps cleaning the house, hoovering, moving furniture (idiotic I know!) and now I am having quite a lot of pain In my uterus. Not contractions, like period pain but enough to make me lie down as sitting hurts.

I'm 26 wks. Do I need to be worried about this or is it just my body saying stop?! I am really scared I've over done it and caused some damage or something but finding it incredibly hard to just stop as there's constantly so much to do. With DD I never felt like this until perhaps the end, 36 weeks plus at least...maybe I did less but I don't remember these pains. I'm stressing I'm going to be in early labour!!

anythingbutinsomnia Thu 18-Dec-14 18:45:02

Keep an eye on the pain to check it's not coming in waves (i.e. like contractions) but try to rest now. I've been getting pains like you describe at the slightest hint of "overdoing it" all the way through my current pregnancy and I'm only 20 weeks so far. Also I distinctly remember being very sore after laying turf at 33 weeks with DD

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