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List of Foods - Please add!

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samuelsart Thu 18-Dec-14 09:38:55

Hi all,

This looks a great site. We are living in Germany, I am Scottish and my wife is German.

We/I are having a difficult time of figuring out what she can and can't eat. I normally do most of the shopping and cooking anyway and now my recipes are all to shot.

Is there a list of 'Do not Eat' items. Everything we look at in terms of foods my wife is not aloud to eat has a paragraph explaining a loud of information that is not really useful.

All I ask is a list.


Not Safe:

Pisghetti Thu 18-Dec-14 09:48:51

The NHS has information online here

Is there an equivalent national health body in Germany? There might be useful information on local recommendations taking into account different food types/practices (e.g. Stilton is considered safe in the UK but blue cheeses from elsewhere may not be)

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