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oh no now im scared about lavender oil......

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jojo76 Wed 11-Oct-06 22:20:40

I was just watching HOw Clean Is Your House, and they said that Lavender oil can cause deformities in the foetus if you get it on your skin as it can be absorbed into your bloodstream, or something....especially in the first 3 months.
Now, I used it to put in the bottom of the bin because it stopped morning sickness heaving wehn i emptied the bin .......i must have got it on my im quietly stressing aobut it. Please tell me not to be silly, but in a nice way because im SO HORMONAL at the moment!!

sugarfLeewhileyoustillcan Wed 11-Oct-06 22:21:36

Sweetheart,stop being so silly.

sugarfLeewhileyoustillcan Wed 11-Oct-06 22:22:24

You probably have to bath in it or something anyway.It'll be fine,I'm sure.

Tommy Wed 11-Oct-06 22:24:52

you'll be fine. Lavender is one of the safest essential oils there is.

I had weekly massages when I was pregnant with DS1 and lavender was the only one the aromatherapist used.

Macdog Wed 11-Oct-06 22:28:15

you're fine!
lavender oil is safe to use, just not gallons of undiluted oil on skin!!
if it helps the heaving then that's a good thing.
have some (((hugs)))

jojo76 Thu 12-Oct-06 08:26:09

awww thanks everyone, i feel so much better now! bloody Kim and Aggie!!

muma3 Thu 12-Oct-06 08:44:06

i actually got addicted to lavender oil whilst pregnant with dd2. i carried it everywhere i went and sniffed it endlessly. i asked the midwife about this and she said that when her dd gave birth prematurely she put some on his teddy. when she had to leave him at the hospital she went home and sniffed it b/c it made her feel closer to him . she admited that she also got slightly addicted to it and reassured me that it wasnt harmful. alot can give you a headache though

Lucyb9384 Thu 12-Oct-06 10:59:28

Also Boots sell pregnancy soothing bath bubbles with chammomile, honey and lavender to ease pregnancy aches and pains so i'm sure its safe.

wannaBe1974 Thu 12-Oct-06 11:05:18

You're not supposed to use lavender oil in the first trimester of pregnancy because lavender promotes flow and can cause miscarriage. However, this means you shouldn't use it as a massage oil etc - by having a little bit on your skin won't affect the baby - you'll be fine

incy Thu 12-Oct-06 12:23:42

jojo76, far be it from me to question the wisdom of cleaning 'gurus' Kim and Aggie, however, I have never heard anyone question the safety of lavender oil before - I do know that basil, clove, cinnamon, hyssop, juniper, marjoram, myrrh, sage and thyme should not be used in pregnancy because they have a emmenagogic effect (bring on periods)and that fennel, peppermint and rosemary should be avoided for the first 4 months because of their stilulating effect - also not advised to use essential oils on yourself in massage for first three months (in case you choose one of the above oils) but never heard anything about lavender. So please don't worry. However, we pregnant ladies do love to worry and if you are anything like me next week it will be something else ! Avoid TV for nine months.

3andnomore Thu 12-Oct-06 12:39:40

No Idea what KIn and Aggie are on about...I have never ehard of Lavender oil causing deformeties...I have heard though, what wannabe said!
Must say I have always bathed in lavender oil and Grapeseed oil, all through my boys are fine!

3andnomore Thu 12-Oct-06 12:45:58


incy Thu 12-Oct-06 16:39:37

Kim and Aggie, if you are out there, explain yourselves....scaring poor pregnant women....

Kif Thu 12-Oct-06 16:55:31

Kim and aggie - and the whole channel 4 wednesday night crowd - warn you about absolutely everything 'just in case' some moron out there does something daft and then blames them. There is a disclaimer, for example, just before they show you the fresh food table on 'you are what you eat' that you should consult a doctor before changing your diet. I can't imagine any circumstance when a doctor would say "stay on your three burgers a day diet - don;t eat fresh fruit and vegetables".

I took it in the general context of 'don't dabble with essential oils while preggers' rather than anything more spcific.

incy Thu 12-Oct-06 17:09:32

They forger we pregnant ladies are paranoid about everything...first it was Trever McDonald and his one sniff of alcohol is dangerous programme, now lavender oil.....what's next?

generaldogsbody1 Thu 12-Oct-06 19:24:55

Grrrr.....boomin heath and safety. Prob only said due to the dreaded H&S

jojo76 Fri 13-Oct-06 16:35:46

lol, they better not give out any warnings about eating five billion chocolates a day when pregnant....dont even get me started on Gillian McKeith, Kif!

Mummy2minime Wed 18-Aug-10 14:32:45

So please can you tell me idiot proofed as i am not at all with it at the moment, i am 4 weeks and cant sleep at all, can i use Lavender oildiluted in my bath? I cant decide yes or no? Or at least some on my pillow?????? xxx

Mummy2minime Wed 18-Aug-10 14:33:30

Ooops and hi all, i am new on here, 4 weeks pregnant with my 2nd, i have a 3 year old Abigail who is totally beautiful, cheeky and has a mind of her own grrr but i love her loads and loads x

daisystone Wed 18-Aug-10 14:41:49

I had a large bottle of the Ole Henriksson lavender oil from pre-pregnancy and I was unsure if it was OK to use or not. I used it a couple of time in early stages before looking on their site and it said - do not use during pregnancy.

So I am thoroughly confused now as some people/companies say it is fine and others not.

mummytime Wed 18-Aug-10 14:54:47

This seems to say its fine :

daisystone Wed 18-Aug-10 15:03:07

That's interesting. Perhaps companies are just covering themselves then and instead of saying 'do not use in first trimester' it is a case of 'do not use in pregnancy' in case people don't understand (!) or someone tries to sue their ass....

At least I can start using it again. Thanks mummytime.

kacekace Fri 29-May-15 13:12:16

I switched my usual products to an organic Avalon Lavender Oil facial and body cream w/c has a strong "real lavender oil" in it. I did so to avoid Paraben products since Im pg. So Im just 6wks pg now and Ive used it for about 10x on my face, arms and legs. Its my first pregnancy so I dont really know what's normal to feel or not. I was always having uterine contractions but at first I didnt relate it to the Avalon products. When I read abt lavender oils not being good I stopped using it and the contractions have also stopped. It's been 2 days since I stopped so I know I didnt miscarry, no spotting etc. but Im worried about my unborn child. Could it hv any effect on him/her? This Avalon cosmetics thing is a scam, they dont even put a NOT FOR PREGNANT WOMEN on their label. I read the label before purchasing it, i thought it was safe for me. Please help.

babymouse Fri 29-May-15 13:43:07

You do realise that this thread is five years old right?

It is unlikely that a commercial cream is going to have enough essential oil in it to cause problems, but if you are concerned contact your local midwives for their advice.

MissTwister Fri 29-May-15 13:46:55

This says Lavender is essentially okay to use. So does Robert Tisserand. I used a bath soak with lavender too. I really wouldn't worry, it's probably just a coincidence!

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