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help! due date 4 weeks before MY WEDDING

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simplylivi Wed 17-Dec-14 23:15:51

I have just found out I am pregnant with my first baby about 3 hours ago. I am delighted... and terrified.... then I realised my due date is 4 weeks before my MASSIVE WEDDING WITH 250 PEOPLE FROM 11 COUNTRIES COMING WHO ALREADY HAVE INVITES. Have a mini panic attack then think... nah it will be fine. I know I'll google it.... Turns out no one has ever asked the question which gets me panicking again. It will have to be fine because most of it is booked and paid for, including some flights from NZ! So any help and advice and soothing words would be much appreciated!

pookamoo Wed 17-Dec-14 23:18:29

Have you looked into wedding insurance?

(Congratulations, and good luck, by the way! flowers)

Spinaroo Wed 17-Dec-14 23:23:21

I would seriously think about rescheduling- or making it a hell of a lot smaller. What if the baby is late? And you have a section or difficult birth? Sorry of that's not helpful but I think you will be far more stressed than you need to be with a new baby. Fab news- be kind to yourself and do what is right for you.

simplylivi Wed 17-Dec-14 23:23:29

No but I might now! Good shout! Its not like we couldnt go ahead though with so many people coming from around the world. I suppose worse case scenario is I do the ceremony and everyone enjoys the party without me! The reception is at home in the garden which I suppose makes life a little easier? I say with hope! Oh and thanks for the congrats! Hard not bursting out onto the street any telling everyone!

simplylivi Wed 17-Dec-14 23:24:58

Unfortunately rescheduling or making smaller isnt really an option as invites have gone and flights booked... I supposed there is the saving grace that there will be 250 willing and cooing people to pass the baby around to?

simplylivi Wed 17-Dec-14 23:26:04

Spinaroo only soothing words allowed ;) cant take anymore panic!

northernlurker Wed 17-Dec-14 23:42:11

Well worst case scenario is that you'll be two weeks post partum. It's not going to be your wildest party night but it will be a lovely way to mark and celebrate that you two individuals have now become a family and everybody will love meeting the baby.

I think you'll need to think carefully about what you're going to wear. Tbh I would splash some cash on getting something tailored for you. Something you can breastfeed in if you want to, that will easily accommodate trips to the loo and the wearing of giant pants and that will be comfortable if you have a C-section wound. Something that can be altered at the last minute to accommodate huge boobs or shrinking tummy or whatever. You can't buy something like that off the peg.

Reception at home is PERFECT for your situation, no worries there.

Honeymoon - save it for 6 months or a year later when you may feel happy to leave the baby overnight. go for a wild trip then (and conceive number two) grin

JennyBlueWren Thu 18-Dec-14 09:57:36

I think you should change your expectations without changing your wedding.

There will be 250 people coming but that doesn't mean you have to squeeze into the dress of your dreams and be dancing all night long.

Choose a dress style which won't be restrictive and will be comfortable (but still beautiful/in your style).
You might feel up to being super active or you might want to plan to be napping in a room for part of the day and having an early night. I'm sure eveyone else will be keen to keep on partying with or without you!!

Also make sure you plan it so that there is a minimum/no stress of last minute things to do before the wedding. Do you have a bossy/organised DM/MIL/DS/ Bride's maid who you could trust and leave all the last minute stuff to? Then you can say that it's up to them to make any decisions and you're going to spend those first few weeks with baby and turn up on the day and enjoy it.

magpieginglebells Thu 18-Dec-14 10:02:16

Wait until your first scan too, my due dat was brought forward a week (and I had her a week earlier then that too!)

Pisghetti Thu 18-Dec-14 10:03:11

DP's sister got married less than two weeks after she gave birth to her first. It was years before we met so I've no idea how she found it but she looks amazing in the photos! As others have said, it may not be a crazy, wild party night for you but with a bit of planning it should be fine. Congratulations!

HazleNutt Thu 18-Dec-14 10:20:58

4 weeks after giving birth I was back in gym, lifting weights, so could have done a wedding, no problems. I believe that even with a CS, you should be up and about by then. I did still look somewhat pregnant though, so I would choose the dress after you start showing, to see what flatters a possible mummy-tummy. If breastfeeding, you also could be quite busty. Tailored to you and that can be adjusted is a good idea.

notasleep Thu 18-Dec-14 16:41:35


It sounds like the perfect wedding reception for 2 weeks post partum, at home where you can sneak off and snooze leaving the guests to continue the party!

But you should def wait to confirm the due date as PP said.. Unless you're totally sure of when you conceived it could well change by a week or so.

Mrscog Thu 18-Dec-14 16:56:53

I think you need to plan your wedding with the worst case scenario in mind, which is that you will be 2 weeks post partum and still feel like you've been hit by a bus and your baby is still feeding every hour. This will not be insurmountable with the right support, and pain relief, outfit and approach to the day.

You may of course be 6 weeks post partum after an easy birth and a baby who has already settled to 3 hourly feeds.

My advice would be to leave lots of scope for flexibility and change!!

wherethewildthingis Thu 18-Dec-14 17:00:06

Did it! Our son was two weeks six days old when we got married, we had a great day. And I had a c section. Good luck!

simplylivi Mon 22-Dec-14 00:00:06

Yeah I have resigned myself to a quieter day than planned and no all night festival (though by the sounds of it I will be up anyway!)
Any tips on what size dress to buy or when to get measured? Obviously I need to order fairly soon amd wont have much if any time for alterations.
Thanks smile

steppeupunderthemisletoe Mon 22-Dec-14 00:12:31

my advice would be don't buy from a wedding shop but get it made. My wedding dress was made by someone we found on-line who does made to measure dresses. It was actually much cheaper than many shop dresses. She made it 2 weeks before the wedding and would have been able to do it even closer, so you could have initial measurements and last minute alterations, because she is there on the spot to do it.
It was laced up the back, which made it very flexible as to size, but hard to get off to bf.

Swanny84 Mon 22-Dec-14 14:44:04

Awww I think it will be lovely. Know you might be exhausted but all your family will get to meet baby while he/she is still tiny. Only problem is your dress, if you haven't already bought it, you might be limited to get what you want in your size. Mine has took 6 months to make so will limit your choice, good luck with everything smile

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