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Is the consultant likely to recommend induction?

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harrowgreen Wed 17-Dec-14 19:44:01

Am 37+2 and have an appt with a consultant tomorrow after being assessed twice for decreased movement (once at 31-ish and once at 36+6). Both times the monitor readings were fine. After the most recent episode I had a scan which showed correct fluid levels and (placental?) blood flow.

This is #3. #1 was born at 40+2 (was in labour from 40+0) and #2 at 39+3 (in labour from 39+1).

No other complications this pregnancy.

I hadn't even thought of induction until a number of people mentioned it to me today as a possibility.

Is it likely that it'll be recommended? Any experiences? Any words of wisdom? Are inductions more likely to work for subsequent babies?

FWIW I was induced for #1 after my waters broke but I didn't go into spontaneous contractions and it was horrendously painful (had a drug-free natural birth with #2 which was very painful but nothing like as bad). So I'd rather not go through that again, not least because I want to avoid an epidural and I'm not sure I could with an induction. But obviously I'd rather go through that than risk the baby.

KittyandTeal Wed 17-Dec-14 19:56:15

I doubt it tbh. I went in for a few episodes of reduced movement plus bleeding (they had no idea what was causing it). I also had totally fine readings for movement and a scan showed placenta was working fine so they left me to go as long as it took (they weren't going to let me go +10, as it was I got to 40+4 and went into labour)

Dd was perfectly healthy with no worries. I imagine they'll ask you to be extra vigilant re movement and come in if you're worried.

harrowgreen Wed 17-Dec-14 20:34:11

Ok that's good. I'm really hoping for another nice(!) natural birth and, since I don't think I'm anywhere near labour starting naturally (both because of when I went into labour with my others, plus the total lack of any 'signs'), I think getting an induction to work would be really hard and likely involve lots of intervention/a section.

Glad it all was ok for you and you didn't go too far over!

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