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Another 'symptom' of pregnancy

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lozz79 Wed 17-Dec-14 14:15:45

I am 35 yrs old 30wk and 5 days with my first baby and this is the first time I have written anything on a group board but I am gradually finding it more and more difficult to stay upbeat. I am over the moon that I am pregnant and genuinely would not change it for the world, it just seems like I am literally being diagnosed with every possible pregnancy symptom going. My blood pressure was high from my first appointment so that has been monitored, at 26 wks I was diagnosed with GD and have had to go on medication, I then discovered I have carpal tunnel so have splints to wear at night, my blood pressure has got worse the last week or so and I have been monitored at hospital several times but as my bloods are all ok and nothing in urine they just send me home again when it goes down. I have had hip and pelvis problems and have been referred to physio. Over the last week I have started struggling to move my ring finger on my right hand and some days can't even hold a pen properly, I had been putting it down to the CT and tried to ignore it but the pain got that bad I got in touch with my occupational therapist who today advised me that it is trigger finger!! I had never even heard of this. It feels like just as I come to terms with one thing I am hit with another. I don't like to talk about it to other people as sometimes I worry they will think I am moaning or being a hypochondriac. Everytime I feel a little kick or movement it reminds me why I am going through all this. It's just some days I feel like all I want to do is cry. Is anyone else suffering with a catalogue of problems. It feels good to write down how I am feeling as I have tried to be positive for the baby, my so has been amazing but I think sometimes it is hard on him too as I have been so emotional with everything going on and even though he listens it is not the same as talking to someone who is going through a similar experience. I have also been told I will not go past 38 wks and potentially will have to have a planned c-section.

Number3cometome Wed 17-Dec-14 15:04:33

I can't offer you much advice but all I can say is you are so close, you can almost hold your baby now!

My first pregnancy itself was perfect but labour took a nasty turn for the worst. Luckily we were both ok. Second pregnancy I was on a lot of medication for my blood pressure and ended up having a c-section at 38 weeks.

I am currently pregnant with DC3 and even though only 8+4 I have been pretty rough.

You are on the home straight now girl, keep positive xx

lozz79 Wed 17-Dec-14 15:34:06

Thank you. I keep trying to tell myself not long left, and at least I didn't have any morning sickness which is about the only thing I didn't have.

Wasn't prepared for all these symptoms, on the plus side I am told it will all go away once baby arrives so I just have to keep thinking about that smile xx

applecore0317 Wed 17-Dec-14 15:39:56

I'm 17 weeks and so far have had what they think was an incarcerated uterus which stopped my bladder working, so had two trips to A&E for a Catheter, apparently this happens in 1 in 3000 pregnancy's and then found out last week that I am Rhesus negative, am hoping it stops there.. am hoping that it doesn't kick start the sciatica that I used to suffer from. Anyway I just wanted to say that I can understand in a small way how you are feeling, so wanted to send hugs x

minipie Wed 17-Dec-14 15:44:23

Poor you!

Quite a few of your problems are connected - the hip/pelvis, carpal tunnel and trigger finger are all down to your body's ligaments loosening too much so they all have the same underlying cause. GD and high blood pressure might also be connected to each other. Obviously that doesn't really help to make it any less miserable for you, but might explain why you've been hit with all of them iyswim.

lozz79 Wed 17-Dec-14 16:16:58

Oh no, that sounds awful. Thank you sending big hugs your way too. I am Rhesus negative too. Also just had a call from my diabetic nurse and she has said that the tablets are not working so will have to go on insulin. I literally feel like each time I say something else that is wrong with me people must think I am making it up (if it wasn't happening to me I would probably think it myself). I just have to keep looking on the positive side and at least baby is ok and healthy. xx

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