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Scared of blood test results

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louisejanep Wed 17-Dec-14 14:14:04

Hi, I went for my first booking appointment with midwife last Thursday and had my blood taken for all the routine tests, immunity to German meals, hepatitis, HIV etc and I'm really nervous about waiting for my results.

I have had routine bloods done in the past but I'm too much of a worrier, I get some sort of symptom and I am convinced it's cancer or hiv or something ( silly I know)

So, if there was something seriously wrong would I have been contacted by now ? it's been 6 days since blood tests. I tried ringing midwife but can never get through to her. She said she would tell me at 16 week appntment the results but would call me in the mean time. I'm just beside myself waiting.

Thank you in advance

notoneforselfies Wed 17-Dec-14 14:18:03

You would have been called. Relax! It's just a routine thing and being stressed is the most damaging thing to your baby right now...

notoneforselfies Wed 17-Dec-14 14:18:21

And congratulations! grin

Skinnylegs33 Wed 17-Dec-14 14:23:34

Omg I can't believe you've actually put down in words one of my biggest fears shock
I have no words of wisdom I'm just here to say that you're not the only one.
And I am pretty sure they would have definitely called by now.

Izzy24 Wed 17-Dec-14 14:26:49

The most likely reason for a phone call would be that your iron level is low. And you may not have had that phone call yet as it isn't urgent.

So please don't panic if you get a call!

louisejanep Wed 17-Dec-14 14:28:23

Thank you for your responses smile the midwife is going to start getting fed up of seeing missed calls from me!! The hospital sent me my scan date through on Monday in the post so thinking if there was anything wrong they would have called Monday? Just a lot of websites say results can take 1-2 weeks to come back. But I know from a family member working at the hospital that bloods are sent and processed the same day as they are taken. Fingers crossed.

louisejanep Wed 17-Dec-14 14:29:49

Thanks Izzy but if it was something serious like hepatitis, hiv or an infectious disease they would have called by now? Sorry to keep going on.

Izzy24 Wed 17-Dec-14 14:46:07

Very very likely they would have called by now.

GotToBeInItToWinIt Wed 17-Dec-14 15:03:36

I felt exactly like this when I was pregnant with DD. It made it even worse when I got to my 16 week midwife appt and was told there was a problem with my HIV result and she had to phone the hospital to clarify something. I was petrified. Turned out they had just forgot to tick the box on the form and had forgotten to test for HIV so had to retest. They would have called if there was a problem, don't worry.

louisejanep Wed 17-Dec-14 15:07:34

Thank you very much for your replies, feel better speaking to everybody who has posted here. Gottobeinittowinit that is awful about what they done at your appointment, thank god everything was ok for you. I would have died on the spot there and then I think lol.

NickyEds Wed 17-Dec-14 15:52:07

My friend had to have several follow ups with blood tests and they always called her within a couple of days to alert her to the problems. No news is good news!

sunnyfrostyday Wed 17-Dec-14 16:06:03

When ds2 was 4 months old, I was very unwell and had a full set of bloods done. I had a call from the surgery the next day as I had an abnormal thyroid result.

I think you would know by now if anything was wrong.

Do tell your midwife about your anxiety though.

JennyBlueWren Wed 17-Dec-14 16:22:14

They'd phone you in about 3 days if there was a problem. Otherwise they discuss it at your next appointment -which might not be for a month!

louisejanep Wed 17-Dec-14 16:28:11

Would they ever write to you?

GotToBeInItToWinIt Wed 17-Dec-14 16:50:08

They wouldn't write to you if it was anything serious, no. My iron was low after my second set of bloods and they phoned me 3 days later to ask me to pick up a prescription for iron tablets from my surgery.

SilverStars Wed 17-Dec-14 17:23:14

We get blood test results at next regular appointment with midwife - so at 16 weeks here. Ay concern and they ring, otherwise you do not hear.

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