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Peer support org for ectopic pg..?

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Mij Wed 17-Dec-14 12:59:02


I have a friend who had an ectopic pregnancy when she wasn't ttc. She has no kids - she's young and hadn't considered it yet, though knows she wants kids later on - but it's affecting her substantially and has made the 'I know I want kids' feeling much more present and doesn't know what to do with the feelings of loss. She's having professional counselling via the NHS but it's not really doing much for her and in conversation it feels very much like she'd benefit from some peer support. Her partner's trying to be supportive but is doing that 'I need to fix this' thing rather than listening/really understanding. Anyone know of an organisation that could help?

Thanks in anticipation.

bakingtins Wed 17-Dec-14 13:05:18

There's a long running ectopic support thread on the miscarriage board.
Try or
The miscarriage association has information on local support groups but probably not specific to ectopic pregnancies.

Mij Wed 17-Dec-14 14:06:30

Thank you. I'm hesitant about recommending anything I've found online at the moment because, unsurprisingly, the majority of those posting forums are those who have experienced it with a planned pregnancy. She's dealing with the surprised of an unplanned one along with the complicated feelings around losing a baby before she knew she had one. I know she's not unique but I'm thinking it's quite a specific situation and forums/threads may be overwhelming.

bakingtins Thu 18-Dec-14 07:35:04

Suggest she phones the Miscarriage Association? They have a helpline where she can talk 1-2-1. Losing an unplanned pregnancy is not uncommon on the MC board though.

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