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What do cramps feel like in early pregnancy?

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Skinnylegs33 Wed 17-Dec-14 12:51:07


I know everyone says it feels like period cramps. But what does that actually mean?
I know it's a daft question but for the last week every morning I' m being woken up by lower tummy pain/cramping which I find difficult to describe even to myself blush
I'm trying to work out whether this is normal or not really. I know they say in pregnancy anything goes but I had this with both my mmc in the past and not sure if the cramps are a sign that something is going wrong or they are what almost everyone has in the first trimester (I'm 7 weeks today)
Mine are located halfway from the pubic bone to my belly button. They feel as if I've eaten something's bg that did not agree with me or the sort of pain I get in the day before my period and the first day of period. Sometimes the pain moves slightly to the left. It can also go lower down, just above pubic bone. I also get something similar to hot flashes while I get thes cramps.

These are not sharp pains though. I do get some sharp stabs from time to time, maybe once every couple of days but those do not worry me as they feel really light.

Thank you

birchwoods Wed 17-Dec-14 13:16:19

Hi skinny, my cramps are just as you describe. During the day they feel like the cramps you get just before AF starts. At night sometimes I'm woken up by more intense cramps, still quite like AF cramps but quite painful and I have had a hot and dizzy spell during one of these. It feels like constipation too, which is partly what it is for me I think.

Skinnylegs33 Wed 17-Dec-14 13:40:22

Birchwood, thank you very much for your reply. It sort of lifted me up a bit from all the doom and gloom I was in.
I get them in the morning, at the same exact time confused I find it very strange. Today was the worst I've had so far. Normally they're uncomfortable, today it was painful. I also feel like passing wind blush with this but they don't feel like trapped wind pains though.
How far along are you?

Pico2 Wed 17-Dec-14 13:41:36

The first sign I had that I was pregnant felt like period pain without the period.

birchwoods Wed 17-Dec-14 16:25:07

Hi skinny, glad I could help smile

I'm 6+2 and have had cramps for about a week and a half.

It is worrying but it's important to remember that every person and every pregnancy is different. I used to get very painful periods so that might have something to do with why some of my cramps are more painful (or maybe I'm just constipated blush!).

My worst cramps seem to be a couple of hours after I go to bed and they wake me up. I find rubbing my tummy in a circular motion eases it. A hot bot would probably do the trick too. Try not to worry. You have a much higher chance of having a successful pregnancy than not. I worry about every cramp and then worry if I don't get cramps so we can't win! Positive thinking and what will be will be. As long as you're happy and healthy the rest is out of our hands. smile

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