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Very light period. Pregnancy? Or something else?

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vomistheworst Tue 16-Dec-14 17:28:39

Hi all. My period started last night, but it was noticeably different to usual even then - like the tiniest bit of spotting. It had appeared a bit more this morning, but I've only had a small amount of 'old' blood (dark brown) all day. My usual pattern is that my period starts suddenly and I'm in agony and it's really heavy within a few hours. There's no pain with this one and the very light flow is something I've never experienced before.

We haven't been trying for a baby, but DH and I are sexually active. We use the withdrawal method (yes, I know, I know). I'm wondering if the light period is a symptom of pregnancy as around ovulation I had some extremely light spotting and idly thought to myself "oh, the last time I had that it was implantation bleeding with my son..." That said, I have no other early pregnancy symptoms whatsoever - so sore boobs, no nausea, no exhaustion. I'm a bit off my food, but only because I'm quite anxious at the moment (which I doubt would affect my periods as I suffer from anxiety and it flares up every few months and has never caused a problem before). My cycle has been 36 days long this time, but that's no indication of anything as my periods can be anything from 28-60 days apart.

Will attempt to get into town tomorrow to buy a test, but meanwhile, has anyone had this symptom at the start of pregnancy? Or does it potentially indicate a condition that I ought to get checked out by my GP?

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