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Morning sickness easing at 10 weeks..

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Shootingstar2289 Tue 16-Dec-14 16:56:55

There are probably tons of post on this already but here goes.. I am 10 weeks pregnant with my second child. I'm 10 weeks based on my LMP, however my cycles were sometimes 5-7 weeks long so could be a bit behind what we think (I know I'm not weeks behind 10 weeks as I took a test 4 weeks after my LMP and it was positive. So could only be up to a week or so behind what they think surely.

Anyway, with my first I was dreadfully sick between week 4 and week 10. It was all day feeling sick, being sick, dehydrated and lost tons of weight. It eased at week 10 and went away completely by week 12 as far as I can remember.

This time around I didn't have much sickness until about 7-8 weeks. Before this I had off waves of nausea that would pass very quickly. For a couple weeks I felt terrible week 7-9. For the last week or two I've been feeling a bit sick. I never feel sick first thing - if I eat I feel fine but if don't the sickness kicked in around 10am and noon. I found snacking little and often eased it. Now I am 10 weeks it's nearly non existent. Sometimes if I'm hungry I feel a little sick but completely bearable.

I'm worried because:

1. I had bad sickness for so long and so badly with my first and it wasn't half as bad this time.

2. I am only 10 weeks and it's nearly gone... It did ease at 10 weeks with my first.

3. The tiredness I have been experiencing since I found out and before is also easing off.

At least it's gone for Christmas.

eastcoastmum2014 Tue 16-Dec-14 17:07:22

If it helps I have had no sickness at all with this pregnancy and I'm 34 weeks. Every pregnancy is different as are the symptoms you experience. I have a friend who has been pregnant at the same time as me and mine and her symptoms have varied wildly. I also know my mum had sickness with my brother but not with me! Try not to worry and relax I'm sure your fine! Congratulations on your pregnancy smile x

Pregnantagain7 Tue 16-Dec-14 18:59:43

Try not to worry it's really normal to start to feel better at around 10 weeks it's when the placenta is fully formed and takes over looking after the baby.
I've had four children and had varying degrees if sickness with all of them dd1 was the worst and with the last on ds2 hardly anything.

Congratulations and I know it's hard but try not to compare or you will drive yourself mad! grin

baby5ontheway Thu 18-Dec-14 18:04:49

This is my 5th preg and by far the worse of them all (meaning ms) I was feeling ill all day every day through sept and oct. At about 10 weeks I would have the odd day of feeling myself, it was weird but nice not to feel anything after suffering so badly at the start. Try not to worry and enjoy that you don't feel as terrible as you once did. I'm 20 weeks now and found out I'm having a little girl, so its cheesy but Its worth all that sickness to know I'm expecting a baby girl smile

33goingon64 Thu 18-Dec-14 18:21:20

Same here but am only just coming up for 9 weeks. With DS I felt rough until 12-13 weeks then it eased off not counting the sudden vomiting fits in early third trimester. Then second pg I started feeling better around week 8, started bleeding at week 9 and mc at week 10 sad . This time I've felt considerably worse until about 3 days ago. Now I feel almost normal and am worried of course that I've mc again. There's nothing to be done about it though. You can't get an early scan without referral due to bleeding or pain, so just have to ride it out and hope nature will be kind. Sorry, not very helpful but just letting you know you're not on your own.

RonaldMcFartNuggets Thu 18-Dec-14 18:29:02

Completely normal as your plancenta is taking over hormone production at 10-12 weeks

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