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Another miscarriage? (probably tmi)

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sianihedgehog Tue 16-Dec-14 10:24:04

So, back in August I made it to 10.5 weeks, then started bleeding and had a scan which showed an empty sac, and had surgical management at 13.5 weeks.

When I went for the scan I KNEW it was a miscarriage because my symptoms all stopped dead at 8 weeks and I just didn't feel pregnant anymore.

Fast forward and I got pregnant again testing positive at the start of December. (about 5 or 6 weeks now, periods weren't regular yet) But two days ago symptoms stopped dead again and I have that sinking feeling again.

I never had any illness either time, but (tmi ahoy!) my boobs grew an entire cup size last time, and both times my nipples were sore, permanently erect, and much darker than normal, and my genital area became darker, too. My boobs literally deflated and faded since Saturday, and I just don't feel at all pregnant now, although I do still have a fair bit of creamy white discharge and no blood.

Has anyone else been through this? I'd honestly appreciate people saying "yes, and I was right, I misscarried" every bit as much as reassurance. I'd just like to know I'm not being entirely insane, I think....

GailLondon Tue 16-Dec-14 10:32:31

Hi Siani,

It's so hard isn't it. I had a MC at 12 weeks earlier in the year. With that pregnancy I was very 'well' i.e. no sickness at all, didnt feel pregnant and had a strange emotional disconnection to the pregnancy as If it wasnt happening, which I only realised with hindsight. With my current (so far successful) pregnancy, I did have a bit of an ease up in symptoms around 8 weeks, my stomach definitely felt deflated and I could do up some tight trousers again. Then I was sick as a dog from 9-14 weeks, fainting and vomiting.
I don't think you can tell anything at all from other peoples symptoms or even your own, it really doesnt tell you anything. You've had no bleeding and that's a really really good sign. How many weeks are you now? I paid for a private 8 week scan this time around and it was so helpful for me mentally and emotionally, as the thought of waiting till 12-13 weeks again to find out if things were OK just seemed like an eternity
Best wishes

Sunandrainbow Tue 16-Dec-14 13:30:26

Hi Siani, I do feel for you. I have been and am in the same situation as you. My first two pregnancies ended were mmc's and with both I also all my symptoms. With this pregnancy the same thing has happened, but my gp has been really supportive and given me hcg tests and booked me in for an early scan. Even though the hcg results don't look good they are telling me the only way to know for certain is with a scan. Is this something you could ask your gp to do? That being said there are loads of stories on the Internet of ladies whose symptoms have disappeared and come back or not who have gone on to have sucessful pregnancies. So if you can I would really really push for an early scan and will keep everything crossed for you. X

PregnantAndEngaged Tue 16-Dec-14 15:43:31

I haven't had a miscarriage before but I have experienced the 'not feeling pregnant' thing and I was convinced on two scans I have (one early one at 6 weeks and my 12 week scan) that nothing would be there as only signs I had of pregnancy were cramping and excessive gas (sorry for TMI) at the beginning. Then I didn't really get anything, never had morning sickness, just went off some food (but I kept thinkign that could've just been psychological because I kept questioning why I wasn't experiencing morning sickness). However on both occasions there was a baby in there and on my 12 week scan it look like an actual baby, kicking it's legs and swinging it's arms about smile I still don't feel particularly pregnant apart from a bit of pressure on my bladder and some strange cervical pains since week 8 onwards. I'm 13 weeks 4 days now. smile

naty1 Tue 16-Dec-14 16:26:30

If you go for a private early scan, you want to be sure youre over about 7 wks as if you go too early they may not see much/anything/the right thing and worry yourself more.

My breast tenderness has gone at 9w. Had early scan at 7 and was fine. So im hoping all is still ok as its ivf.

Thing is no matter what you will worry after what happened.
Its probably best to try to relax and hope as mc can happen commonly up to around 12weeks and so no matter when the early scan youll still worry. The only plus is a reduction in MC after HB is seen to about 2% but still its no guarantee and has happened to people on the antenatal thread im on.
Only about 30% end in mc so really the odds are in your favour, significantly.

sianihedgehog Tue 16-Dec-14 17:39:05

GailLondon: I think I'm about 6 weeks now, but because it's only a couple of months after the last miscarriage I'm not at all sure. I was utterly convinced we'd missed my fertile time last month, and my periods were not totally regular. I did have two months of negative tests though, so I know it's not just the previous pregnancy making me test positive.

sianihedgehog Tue 16-Dec-14 23:25:12

Thanks all for the feedback. I'm HORRIBLY anxious this time around, have refused to tell anyone until we've had a healthy scan (which is probably stupid, I really needed all the support I got by telling absolutely everyone last time) and have basically been unable to feel excited.

sianihedgehog Thu 18-Dec-14 15:51:47

Well, today has been a mass of ups and downs. I started bleeding when I woke up which basically confirmed the worst in my mind, so I booked an appointment at the doctors for after work and left to cycle to work.

And got into a bit of a nasty bicycle accident halfway there due to some unfinished roadworks, along with two other cyclists. Ambulance got called as one of the others clearly needed stitches, and when they checked me over I told the paramedic that I was pregnant but believed I was miscarrying and was seeing the doctor later. He decided to ring the hospital and took me in to get a scan then and there...

And you could see fetal pole and heartbeat!!

I know I'm definitely not out of the woods yet, but you could have knocked me down with a feather. Going back in 10 days for a further scan, and under instructions to phone straight up if the bleeding gets heavy, but it's all better than I hoped!

trumpetmouse Thu 18-Dec-14 16:22:49

Yey for the heartbeat Siani!!!... But so sorry to hear about your cycle accident. I hope you are taking it easier and someone is looking after you. I've had a minor accident before and although I was grand, my muscles were a bit sore the following day. A (not too hot!) bath really helped.
My fingers are mega crossed for you that all goes super well from now on with the pregnancy xx flowers

Number3cometome Thu 18-Dec-14 16:26:59

Geez you poor thing sounds like you have really been through it.

But I guess in a weird way that accident actually helped as you had a scan!

How many weeks are you?

Symptoms can come and go, sometimes my breasts are not sore, others painful. I do have a constant nausea when not eating but that's about it.

My scan was last Friday at 7+6 and I saw the heartbeat.

Fingers crossed for us all x

sianihedgehog Thu 18-Dec-14 16:47:49

Number3tocome: I am not too sure how many weeks I am exactly, but I think around 6. The doctor said that it was about 4mm length, which is in the right ballpark, given that my cycle is a bit out of whack from the miscarriage in September. Fingers crossed so hard!

Trumpetmouse: I'm working from home for the rest of today, and giving all my scrapes a chance to scab and then I'm definitely taking your advice on the bath! smile I keep finding more bruises!

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