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cannot stop crying

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mrswardle2014 Tue 16-Dec-14 10:00:47

I am 16 weeks with first baby and every other day I have these episodes where I cannot stop crying for hours. It's happening right now and I'm due in work soon. What in the world is this and how do I make it go away!

blackwidow74 Tue 16-Dec-14 11:24:04

I am 22 weeks and have been an emotional wreck for all those weeks ... I am now only have the odd wobble due to anxiety and he littlest thing will set me off ...

Light a candle, focus on the flame and take some deep breathes ... 5 minutes of quiet time should help stabilise you a little better when you feel overwhelmed smile

Peaceloveandbiscuits Tue 16-Dec-14 11:41:23

Your hormones are going mad and making you ultra-emotional. Do you have any pre-existing MH issues? I found pregnancy massively exacerbated mine to the point where I felt suicidal. Talk to your midwife if this is an ongoing thing because they can help you.
Take it easy and be kind to yourself. Hope you start to feel better in the next few weeks, as I did.

wawabear Tue 16-Dec-14 14:11:40

Same here but usually triggered by something sad - eg. the siege in Australia yesterday made me cry, horrid things on the news makes me over think that I am bringing this child in to a horrid world.

I was talking to a colleague last week about my cat that died last year and I started to weep! I'm a ticking tear bomb!

I think its just hormones but if you are worried that it may be more than that then I think it is worth speaking to your midwife.

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