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Weight gain and feeling full...

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Minstrelle Tue 16-Dec-14 09:55:32

Just after a bit of advice really, or reassurance that this is normal. Has anyone else found that their weight gain has been quite uneven? I am currently 22 weeks pg and was weighed at 55kg at my booking appt. About 3 days ago, I weighed 57kg, having generally been around that weight for the last 2 months, but in the last 3 days I appear to have put on 2kg. Which seems a lot in 3 days.

I feel very full all the time and sort of stretched, like I can't fully stand up straight. I'm eating 3 small meals a day, with dinner basically being on a side plate because I can't manage any more. Although can usually squeeze in a chocolate biscuit about 9pm. So I don't think I'm overdoing the food etc. My 20w scan went fine, all measuring ok. Just wondering if all of the above is normal or not really?!

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