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Cervix Abnormalities, HPV and Pregnancy

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Rufus200 Mon 15-Dec-14 19:06:26

I was wondering if there was anyone out there who had HPV 16 and 18 with abnormal cervical cells and was pregnant? How are you being managed? Where you told to delay pregnancy?

I have a long history of grade 1 and 2 positive smears, colposcopy and biopsies. I have 14 strains of HPV including 16 and 18. I finally got a negative smear last year but this May was positive again with grade 1 changes but neg for 16 and 18, so repeat in 6 months. I have just had my results and I am negative for changes but testing positive again for 16 and 18. I have been told I should not get pregnant and have colposcopy again. My fertility levels are already low and I have PCOS so I don't have time to wait any longer.

I have simply had enough, I have been waiting for 9 years for DH to be ready to TTC and finally he is and I'm told no by the Dr. I'm sitting crying my eyes out because it is just so unfair and I've spent the last year gearing myself up for it finally happening. To make it worse DH's cousin has just announced she is preg on Facebook, she is 15 years younger then me and has only been going out with the guy a few months.

Faithsmum0110 Mon 15-Dec-14 22:14:42

Haven't been thru the same thing Hun but just wanted to comment and say keep your chin up and hopefully it will happen soon xx

Pantstootight Tue 16-Dec-14 09:26:58

I have had hpv 16 on and off over the last few years, regular smear tests and colposcopies with biopsies every 6 months or yearly depending.
I have had changes in cells to cin1 , which I was told is the first stage of change. I was advised to do nothing and to continue with smears/colposcopies.
I am 40 now , started ttc in 2013, with hpv 16 but no abnormal cells.
My gynocologist ( told me it was now or never) was not worried about hpv.
I am now 37+1 .
Will have all the usual smears etc not long after baby is born. The advice I was given was that hpv can come and go by itself and although 16 and 18 are high risk the changes in my cells were slow and only at the first level, and they too come and go, and required no treatment. In fact, like you, my last smear was normal but hpv positive.

Ask around for opinions, I decided to go for it!!

mrswardle2014 Tue 16-Dec-14 10:15:26

I've read that having had biopsies in the cervix can increase the chance of cervical incompetency and require a stitch to maintain the pregnancy so maybe ask a Dr about that. I've also read that a vaginal delivery can, in very rare circumstances, lead to a condition in the baby called respiratory papillomatosis where little growths occur in the airways but it is rare, I'd ask Dr about that as well. Good luck to you

Rufus200 Tue 16-Dec-14 11:13:27

Thank you for the support and great to hear that it is going well for you Pantstootight.

I've sent my results for a 2nd opinion but everyone is closed now till Jan, so I am going to still TTC as I'm due to ovulate before Jan and I see any specialist and what will be will be.

I think the private Dr is just being overly cautious where as the NHS wasn't going to check me for another 2 years.

donkir Tue 16-Dec-14 16:17:36

I have had several LETZ treatments for CIN3 abnormal cells. I have been lucky in that my yearly smears have come back clear. I'm still on yearly smears 7yrs down the line.
I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and at my mw booking in appointment she referred me to a consultant as she said my cervix could be weaker.
I have had bleeding on and off caused by having a mushy cervix but this is normal for me.
I had an internal scan at 16 and 22 weeks to measure cervix. Mine was 3cm which is classed as ok so they didn't stitch.
Unfortunately at 26 weeks I had a bad UTI which has shortened my cervix to 1cm. I've had steroids to strengthen babies lungs just in case he comes early but so far so good.

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