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Is my boss overreacting or being thoughtful?

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jbee1979 Mon 15-Dec-14 13:04:23

I work in a car showroom and they're digging up the tiles tonight to replace them. work will go on for a week and it will be horrifically dusty.

He wants to move me upstairs to work as I'm 20 weeks pregnant - but I deal with disabled customers who can't make it up 2 flights of stairs (no lift, not normally a customer area, old small building) and I still need to be selling cars :-/

his thoughtfulness has thrown me!! I don't like to be given special treatment - I'm not the weakest link!!

Any thoughts?

kaykayblue Mon 15-Dec-14 16:07:25

I think this is something you need to speak to your doctor about.

Even if you aren't looking for "special treatment", the fact is you're pregnant, and you're going to have different needs to other members of the team right now.

If someone was asthmatic, you wouldn't see them as "the weakest link" if they needed to sit somewhere else during the renovation, would you?

Since it's only for one week, it's not as if it's going to be a long term issue for you. Since you deal with disabled customers normally (which won't be possible during that week), could you discuss with your boss about alternative work you could do during that one week period?

Personally I think it's brilliant that your boss is showing thoughtfulness and flexibility during your pregnancy :-)

TheScenicRoute Mon 15-Dec-14 20:23:25

I'd work up stairs if it was me. Coming down to see your customers at least limits the amount of time you spend in that environment. I suppose if getting up and down the stairs would cause more problems for YOU then that's a whole different issue.

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