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So scared and alone

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Scared41 Sun 14-Dec-14 14:07:18

Been lurking on other peoples posts for a few days and thought that I would post my own, could use some support.

So, have been 'seeing' someone on and off for a year, but nothing serious. We've always been careful, but for the first time ever, used the withdrawal method about 3 weeks ago. Since then, for me, all hell has broke lose.

First thing I noticed was sore nipples soon after the last time we saw each other. For the first time in my life, I had to sleep in a bra. For the next week I had raging thirst, increased appetite, cramping and pulling in my stomach, dizziness and fatigue. The Doctor diagnosed a UTI and I've nearly finished a 7 day dose of antibiotics.

AF was due Saturday, but I experienced spotting on Weds. On Thurs and Friday I had intermittent bright red 'flows', but the quantity was so much less than normal, which is usually a doubled up heavy flow pad, changed often, for 2 of 5 days. It stopped on Friday morning, but I had one more 'flow' on Friday night, and that was it apart from the odd 'wipe' on a tissue yesterday. I have never had a 1.5 day 'intermittent' period in my life. Since yesterday, by nipples have become sore again and was back to sleeping in a bra last night.

I'm so scared and worried. Most people are just telling me to 'wait and see', but the Doctor said AF should have appeared by yesterday and be in full flow by now ..... there's nothing. I did a test today, BFN.

Since this started, I was initially scared of being pregnant, I got used to that idea in the end though. Yesterday however I decided to tell a friend the situation and she just said 'calm down, you're probably menopausal' .... I'm so scared, I never thought of that, now I'm even more scared, what a cruel irony if it's that .....

mum2benicole Sun 14-Dec-14 16:31:15

Bless you its a hard thing when your not with someone in a serious relationship but you could be worrying about nothing. Stress can play a high role in making menstrual start late I found a few occasions were me and my partner were trying for our 1st child that worrying and stressing would delay it and I got all hyped p for being pregnant when really I wasn't I had shocked my system in to believing I was. Try not to think about it to much (hard thing to do) just try relax and the a test if theres no joy in a few weeks as pregnancy wont show till I think 6 weeks after conception or in my case 2 months after. Good luck with what happens im sure you will be fine xx

Scared41 Sun 14-Dec-14 18:55:56

Thank you so much for the reply ... it's hard to not think that you're going completely mad! It's stressful that I had that insignificant 'bleed' ..... then my friend hit me like a ton of bricks with her menopause theory ..... I truly hope that if I'm not pregnant, it was just a combination of the UTI and stress that gave me all my 'symptoms', and that things will settle down again soon. Even though it has been incredibly stressful, it has made me realise that I would like a baby .... hoping and praying that I haven't left it too late x

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