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advice please. should I seek second opinion

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hopefull2424 Sun 14-Dec-14 08:16:34


Just after some advice and sorry for rambling on advance.
I'm 8+5 weeks and very happy however so far this pregnancy has been very hard.
Already seen my gp for bleeding and had an early scan and for breathlessness and pins and needles which I ended up and a&e and was diagnosed as a chest infection.
So im now struggling with another problem but don't know whether I should get a second opinion. Basically when I went to a and e with my chest infection they took bloods and said gp would give me results. I called gp on friday add still having some problems only to be told blood tests had shown something and gp would not give results as he didn't agree with the tests and I should speak to the hospital.
To cut a very long story short after numerous phone calls and a gp visit it turns out the blood tests results shown inflammation, infection and also they did a blood clot tests that had raised results however they said they were unreliable in pregnancy. My said he would re run some tests next week but not the blood clot tests.
Yestetday and overnight my right leg had been full of cramp and pain. It feels numb and I'm not sure if I need to get this looked at especially with the blood cot test being high.
I don't want to see gp again as he seems to kust want me out the office and I don't want to go to hospital unless I absolutely havr to as I'm sure they must be fed up of me.
My dh thinks I have pulled a muscle.
Do you ladies think I need to be seen. Has anyone had any experiences of this? Xx

Maxis1 Sun 14-Dec-14 09:01:25

To be honest if you are worried then get a second oppinion. Better safe then sorry!

Yes your leg pain could be nothing, just one of the joys of pregnancy where you get cramps and aches a lot, but it could also be a blood clot blocking a blood vessel and with the test result I wouldn't like to take a chance.

justabigdisco Sun 14-Dec-14 09:14:03

Try and forget about the blood test for blood clots. They shouldn't have done it if they knew you were pregnant as pregnancy makes the level go high and therefore useless in diagnosing clots.
However, if you still feel unwell, get yourself checked out again.

Izzy24 Sun 14-Dec-14 09:19:28

Your blood tests will have shown inflammation markers because you had a chest infection when they were taken. If your leg is numb you need to get this checked. 111 or out of hours walk in clinic?

chiruri Sun 14-Dec-14 09:53:12

I'm assuming what they tested was a D-Dimer (which is a blood test often used to check for DVTs). It's ridiculously non-specific and if they had thought you had a chest infection they shouldn't have checked it at all, as it is raised in infection too. I think it also raises in pregnancy, but I'd have to check.
It's a very easy and quick scan to check if you have a blood clot (DVT) and you are at slightly increased risk being pregnant, so if you're genuinely worried you could go to the hospital. But from your symptoms it does sound unlikley (DVTs don't generally cause numbness). If you're concerned then get yourself checked out, even just for peace of mind.

hopefull2424 Mon 15-Dec-14 02:48:31

Hi all. Thanks for the replies. My leg started swelling so I went back to the hospital. They checked me for a clot on the lung which was negative however as my leg is swollen and I'm still showing things up in my blood test they think I have a dvt. I've been given two heparin injections and have to go back tomorrow for a scan of my legs sad but nervous xx

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