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Carbimazole in early pregnancy?

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alovelycuppatea Sat 13-Dec-14 20:55:28

Hello. I have just found out I am pregnant....around 5 weeks....and am prescribed 10mg carbimazole a day for overactive thyroid. I have continued to take it as I discussed possible pregnancy with my specialist when I was first diagnosed and he told me to go ahead and ttc but now of course i am actually pregnant I am panicking! I have an appointment next week with him so will discuss then but in the meantime do you think I should stop the medication? Has anyone been in a similar situation who could share their experience?

LizziTea Sat 13-Dec-14 22:28:51

I don't have experience of this myself so can't give you any answers, but I know from a friend's experience that it is important to treat thyroid problems in pregnancy, so there might be a downside to stopping the medicine without medical advice. Could you get an urgent GP appointment or call NHS 111 to get some advice more quickly than your existing appointment?

alovelycuppatea Sat 13-Dec-14 23:14:10

Thanks Lizzi I did check the NHS guidance and it is consistent with what you say about better to have it treated despite the risk of the medication - and the consultant did say to go ahead and ttc...I think I am maybe just being paranoid!

LizziTea Sun 14-Dec-14 09:29:51

You're right to be concerned, as a few medicines are really bad news in early pregnancy - I know because I was taking a few of them last year! But in my case I was strongly advised to stop them before ttc. I reckon it sounds like yours are fine, otherwise the doctor would have warned you. I guess you might have to change dose once you see the doctor, as I seem to remember thyroid stuff naturally changes in pregnancy, but it does sound like there is nothing to worry about and you can relax and keep taking the medicine till your appointment! Congratulations, by the way! smile

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