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Huge uterus?!!!!

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Emz1989 Sat 13-Dec-14 15:53:29

I wonder if any of you can help me?? I've attached an image of my 12 week scan because since I got it on Tuesday I've has lots of comments about how big my uterus is... Should I be worried?? Lots of other people's babies seem squished in and cosy, mine has all the room in the world! It's the mansion equivalent of a uterus!! Why would it be so much larger than anyone else's I've seen?? Any info welcome... Can't find out much from Dr. Google!!! This is my first child and I'm around average height/weight, althoughi do have a hard, round bump already!!! Wondering if this is why... Thanks!

Mslad Sat 13-Dec-14 16:47:49

Hi emz, Sorry I can't be much help as I don't really know anything about uterus size, but did a doctor or sonographer tell you that your uterus is big? If not, your picture looks pretty much the same as mine and no one commented about it to me. I also had a bump early and am average height weight. Maybe it's just one of those things? I wouldn't too much about it.

LadySybilLikesSloeGin Sat 13-Dec-14 16:50:59

It's likely to be amniotic fluid rather than a 'huge uterus' so please don't worry. Did they say anything about the amount being OK? (the fluid looks the same as my picture from many moons ago by the way so I'm not hinting.)

Congratulations smile

TheScenicRoute Sat 13-Dec-14 17:31:54

I agree, I think it's the amniotic sac and fluid (the black bit) that may be perceived as bigger, but it looks normal to me! The grey and white 'mattress' that your baby is lying on is your uterus.

TheScenicRoute Sat 13-Dec-14 17:33:47

...there also appears to be a little action man in there with your baby! Lol (are you taking gender guesses with the nub theory or are you holding out for a surprise?)

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