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Baby making a clicking sound - what is it?

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NatalieJane Wed 11-Oct-06 11:40:24

Since last night I have heard a clicking sound, you know like when your knees click? It isn't me clicking as I have been completely still and heard it, I can't feel anything that feels like it should make a clicking sound, but every time I have heard it the baby has been moving, although I can't hear it everytime he moves. It isn't a regular thing, not like hiccups or anything. And it is a very quiet sound, I have only heard it when I have been in almost silence.

Any ideas? I'm not worried or anything, just curious as to what it could be!

NatalieJane Wed 11-Oct-06 12:05:32

Shamless bump, hasn't anyone got any ideas?

mimi1uk Wed 11-Oct-06 12:16:56

how old is baby\???

NatalieJane Wed 11-Oct-06 12:19:42

He isn't born yet, I am 33+5 today, I can hear him clicking through my belly.

NatalieJane Wed 11-Oct-06 12:40:44

Bumpity bump

Surely someone has had this before?

busybusymum Wed 11-Oct-06 12:42:43

Sorry I've never heard this noise but WOW, perhaps baby has learnt morse code ;)

NatalieJane Wed 11-Oct-06 12:44:59


It has only happened a few times, I have heard it four times, but it is such a quiet noise, it could have happened more than that and I wouldn't know.

AnAngelWithin Wed 11-Oct-06 12:46:38

its when air bubbles in the amniotic fluid pop. thats what my midwife told me anyway. hope this helps!

rubles Wed 11-Oct-06 12:46:59

Although I didn't have this, I have read about other women on MN having this clicking thing going on. If I remember rightly, however, they didn't get any sort of explanation, it just seemed to be 'one of those things'.

lemonaid Wed 11-Oct-06 12:47:47

I have actually heard of this before, but (of course) I can't now remember where or what it was. Which is a huge help to you, I know... (I don't think it was anything to worry about, though, because if it had been then Ms Paranoid here would probably have remembered)

busybusymum Wed 11-Oct-06 12:50:32

If I am ever lucky enought to be pregnant again I want to be strapped to a portable scanner machine so that I can see what they are up to in there.

Anyone fancy inventing such a machine! one to fit in a handbag please!

NatalieJane Wed 11-Oct-06 12:50:53

Someone on the AN thread said she has a popping noise, but I really wouldn't describe it as popping, it is a click.

asleep Wed 11-Oct-06 12:54:49

had this when pregnant with DS, i remember posting on MN about it. never did find out what it was!

dimcat Thu 12-Oct-06 00:03:45

ds1 made horrid clicking noises in utero- we were horrified thought he was pulling his hips out of joint or something-

turned out they were let-go-of suck noises- try it on the back of your hand!

we only found out because he has suck blisters all over one hand at birth

NatalieJane Thu 12-Oct-06 09:09:01

He gets hiccups an awful lot so that would explain it more than the 'popping' sound of bubbles in the amniotic fluid!

Well, it certainly doesn't seem to be anything to worry about! Thanks everyone

12yeargap Fri 13-Oct-06 08:23:05

It's a dolphin?

NatalieJane Fri 13-Oct-06 09:09:23

Ooooh yes, of course, that is what it is!!! You have just made me decide on a middle name... George Flipper... what d'ya think?!!

GoodyHen Fri 24-Aug-07 07:05:09

I'm at 33 weeks and have been hearing the sound -- a rather wretched clicking sound -- from my abdomen for about 2 weeks.
Has anyone with those sounds actually given birth? Hate to be morbid, but does the baby have any bone or joint issues?

BabyMadandBIGbump Fri 24-Aug-07 09:29:52

I had this for the last 10 weeks or of my PG, clicking and poping, MW didn't know what the hell I was on about when I told her about it, but my sounds seem to be coming from my lady bits but from baby when moving or even due to baby moving lets say, my baby is fine and well, and she is 2 and half weeks old now, HTH!

MN thread

DreamtOfMandalay Fri 24-Aug-07 09:37:03

I had a very audible click coming from the centre of my pelvis from about 30 weeks - I never asked my MW about it but assumed it was to do with the pelvis softening and moving. I gave birth fine and the baby had no issues whatsoever!

PurpleLostPrincess Fri 24-Aug-07 10:28:04

Thank goodness for mn - I've had a few of these and was worried about them too!!! It's only happened a handful of times since around 25 weeks (I'm nearly 36 weeks now) but it certainly freaked me out! I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

Wintersun Fri 24-Aug-07 13:12:46

I had the clicking sound with ds who is now 2y4m. He is absolutely fine.
I was concerned too so asked the midwife but she looked at me as if I was mad. 'its probably just hiccups' she said but I knew it wasn't.
I did some searching in the internet and it seems that quite a few women do hear it but no one seems to know what it is!

bex44 Fri 24-Aug-07 16:07:58

I'm 37+3 and have also been hearing clicking, for about the last week. It is exactly as you describe, like a joint clicking and is definitely when baby moves, rather than me. He is breech, and has been for ages and i have worried that perhaps he's going to have congenital hip problems or something, but thats probably paranoia speaking. He's coming out the sunroof on 6th sept so i guess i'll have to wait until then to find out!

GoodyHen Fri 24-Aug-07 22:51:11

Thanks very much to those of you who wrote reporting the health of your children despite slightly sickening clicking noises whilst pregnant. I am greatly relieved. Almost think I should read no further... Cheers.

DreamtOfMandalay Sat 25-Aug-07 13:24:20

In my case I am sure it was the pelvis rather than the baby clicking. I doubt you could hear a baby's joint clicking through the amniotic fluid and all the other gunk. You can't hear them hicupping etc.

I agree with those who said that it clicked when the baby moved, not me, but my feeling is that when I was moving it probably was clicking but I just couldn't hear it, whereas when the baby moved he probably put stress on the pelvis by twisting around, and I was usually sitting still so heard it more clearly.

DS partly engaged around the time it started which also makes me think it was my pelvis.

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