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Nt scan date offered 14+1 :(. Anyone else had such a late one? Age 35 so possibly higher risk

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naty1 Sat 13-Dec-14 15:06:10

Got letter today so cant ring up to change it.
Im not happy as ive read its best to do earlier than this as too late and they may not be able to measure.
Also this is DC2
With DC1 they booked only dating scan (relatively useless with ivf pg) and said id have to come back.
Then when i came back later in the week baby was lying awkwardly so lots to drinking jiggling etc nearly gave up and had an internal scan
Then they couldnt get any blood out had to call in a dr.
So all in all not the best idea to have right at the limit of suggested time.

I cant see then being able to change it as there must be a reason its so late (xmas).
But then if i cant make that date what then as it cant go later??

It doesnt look like the private one does nt scan unless with harmony, which i was considering anyway as im 35

harrowgreen Sat 13-Dec-14 20:11:30

According to the NHS website, the absolute last day for a nuchal scan is 14+1.

So unless your dates are correct, you risk missing the cut-off (if you get measured and are actually 14+3, for example).

Is there a number on the letter? Call and tell them you need an earlier appointment. They need to give you a scan within the dates, or it's a waste of time doing the scan: the onus is surely therefore on them to find you a new date.

If there's no number, do you have a number for your midwife?

Or just call the maternity unit of where you're booked in direct: they should be able to help.

naty1 Sat 13-Dec-14 20:28:24

Im pretty sure of dates ivf, but they actually measure baby and use that (ignoring ivf dates even changed my EDD last time) so as much as anyone else baby is as likely to measure more, in fact probably more likely as if others use LMP those with long cycles could be about a week less whereas i know this is the last date. And who is to say how accurate their 14+1 is.
I completely agree, what a waste of everyones time if i get there and they say.. Baby too big or they can no longer see NT. Especially as i have really no need of dating scan bit.
I expect thats why NiCE says 13+6 to allow for slight date being out, even though that is only 2 days and most people ive seen with early scans have had their dates moved at least by that much.
I mean i guess the fact is i know it wont be too late but that doesnt change the fact the baby doesnt know it cant grow too big for gestational age by a couple of hours.

I did speak to mw at 6wks when she said earliest booking appt was 9 weeks i was concerned about exactly this due to being 12wks 29th dec and now i feel angry and fobbed off
Problem is i think they feel theyve fulfilled the criteria and dont care its pointless

MrsCorr Sun 14-Dec-14 16:31:01

I was unsure of dates due to a miscarriage so at my 12 weeks scan was only around 9 weeks. Had to go back at 12 weeks but baby was in wrong position so by the time I actually had my scan & blood taken I was 15 weeks. This meant I didn't even have an estimated due date until I was 15 weeks. All we knew was it was some point in February smile They can do the screening in 2nd trimester although think they prefer to do it earlier. It's worth seeing if they can move it but if not i wouldn't worry too much about it.

Racheyg Sun 14-Dec-14 17:11:55

Hi Naty
I had my dating scan at 14+1

They had no problems scanning and all was ok. I hope all works out with your pregnancy

naty1 Sun 14-Dec-14 18:33:48

That interesting rach youre the only person ive seen with that scan date. I guess it will depend how large my baby is (likely to measure ahead)
Did you know it would be 14+1 when the letter arrived or is it what was measured at same day dating scan?
Sorry just re-read you didnt have the downs screening then? Only the dating (head to bum measurement for dating)?

Mrscorr apparently the bloods are not very accurate with ivf and so the 15 week one as its without the nt measurement isnt very good (can show high risk when not)
Oh well they'll either change it or they wont.
Im just hoping its an error and theyve done my dates wrong.

Racheyg Sun 14-Dec-14 22:06:22

Hi Naty,
The dr's put my dates 2 weeks less than what I thought. I was adamant that I was ahead but they only go by the stupid date wheel.

Is the downs screening done at the same time? I don't think I had it, just bloods. You would think it's my second pregnancy smile

I didn't realise that there was a cut off the the scan either, god shows how little I know.

I hope you scan goes well x

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