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Strep B UTI - not going away

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boatrace30 Sat 13-Dec-14 12:30:37

I was just wondering if anyone else had been in this situation. After my booking appointment they diagnosed me with a strep b UTI and I was prescribed Antibiotics. A urine sample taken after I finished the course showed that it hadn't gone away so I had a second course of different antibiotics. A third sample has shown that I still have it! Though it isn't as bad. The doctor was very confused and actually had to go and consult with others. In the end they suggested I retest in at my next midwife appt (on Xmas eve!) Very concerned that antibiotics aren't having an effect, and also worried as it will be Xmas so who knows how long it will be till I find out if it has got better or worse. I have been completely asymptomatic so far, so it just worries me that it could get much worse without me knowing. Has anyone had a similar experience?
BTW - I'm 15 weeks.

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