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Cervical stitch

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Sbear83 Sat 13-Dec-14 08:15:16

Hi ladies,

I am hoping to reach out to anyone who may have had a cervical stitch placed. I lost my baby at 19 weeks in August 2014 due to incompetent cervix. I am now 7 weeks pregnant again and feeling anxious. I would be great to hear both good and bad experiences and outcomes anyone has had with cervical stitch.

A couple of specific questions I have are:

Will giving birth to a preemie make full term delivery a little easier because your muscles have passed a tiny baby through your birth canal or does this make no difference to full term labour?

I also wonder if incompetent cervix makes contractions less painful once the stich is removed? Because when I lost my baby I dilated to 5cm without any pain and I wonder if that is the nature of having incompetent cervix. I worry about this because I'm scared I will not realise I am in labour again and the stich will tear my cervix. Did anyone have this happen to them?

Thanks, and I wish you all a. Healthy, happy pregnancy.
Sbear xx

LittleRedRidingHoodie Sat 13-Dec-14 09:41:10

I ended up not needing a stitch in the end but the consultant told me that the stitch would hold but that it was likely that once they removed it I would go into labour very shortly afterwards. They said they'd remove it before chances of natural labour so I'd end up, in all likelihood, having an early baby but I can't remember when they said they would remove the stitch. Hopefully someone with experience will come along and share their thoughts soon.

Seasidedolly Sun 14-Dec-14 13:56:40

Firstly so sorry for your loss in August.
I have no personal experience but a friend of mine lost two babies and with this pregnancy she had a cervical stitch and a 6 week stay in hospital from around 23 weeks (around the time she lost both previous babies) for monitoring. I've just seen on Facebook she's had a little boy via c - section though he wasn't due till new year they planned an early c section once she was far gone enough for him to be born safely. Not sure if all women with cervical stitches will need to deliver that early but just wanted to share a very positive outcome for you.
Wishing you all the best with this pregnancy xx

glammanana Sun 14-Dec-14 14:08:12

How sad to hear of your loss and too how anxious you are,if it is of any help I had this procedure twice when I had my boys,it was fairly new at the time but saved me from the trauma of loosing more babies,I had lost 3 babies after the birth of my DD due to not being stitched correctly when she was born,hense when weight was gained by new baby I could not hold the weight.
I had it done at 11/12 weeks and was arranged for removal at 38wks,everything went to plan for DS1 and he arrived at 38wks when I had DS2 5yrs later with same procedure after 38wk removal the little sod did not want to come out and he stayed quite happy until 40+ 3 days.
Don't or try not to worry as I know they will keep a special eye on you and as to the stitch tearing your cervix there will be no chance for that to happen you will be closely monitored and you will certainly know when you are in labour.
All my very best wishes to you and from my two strapping boys who are now 35 & 40 so it is a very well known procedure which can be trusted. glamma x

MrsCrankypants Sun 14-Dec-14 14:17:06

I'm in a similar situation to you, we lost our first baby at 23 weeks and I'm now 22 weeks pregnant with our second. I had a stitch put in at 13 weeks and it was checked at 20 weeks and its holding well. I've been told that my stitch will be taken out at 36 weeks and I will either go into labour soon after if my cervix has opened or I could go to term.
I'm also interested in your question about the birth after having a preemie, I had wondered that myself.

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