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15 weeks cramps

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purplebiro Fri 12-Dec-14 21:23:32


I am 15w and have been experiencing strong period-like cramps for around half an hour. Should I call the hospital or wait and see if they stick around for, say, an hour?

Now I have the fear I am also worrying that I have been ignoring what I thought was just round ligament pain - for the last week or so if I laugh or cough while lying down (even if I brace) it is agony - literally like being stabbed, takes at least 5 minutes to recover - could that be something more serious?

Please bear with me - first pregnancy and I am sincerely hoping this is just a long overdue paranoia attack.

purplebiro Fri 12-Dec-14 21:50:22

OK, cramps now subsided and more research on round ligament now done - diagnosis: I am a hypochondriac with weak stomach muscles ;)

Will try and keep the paranoia at bay for at least another 15 weeks.

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