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JennyBlueWren Fri 12-Dec-14 17:40:39

Keep feeling like I'm going to cry about things today! Made it to 30 weeks without getting too emotional.
Was watching the first half of Frozen with the P1s at school and was holding back the tears throughout!
Then just now was about to start crying over a Facebook post about a homeless man and his dog.

Need to get a grip!

BiscuitsofYum Fri 12-Dec-14 17:46:58

My midwife said something that your hormones spike towards the end of pregnancy, (either that or she just trying to make me feel better!)

I felt all very emotional the other day.. I cried in the car before entering Asda because it was cold and the car was making weird noises for half an hour, held back tears as I did the shopping and then cried when I got back in the car because the melon I brought tasted delicious. Lastly I cried because all the frozen stuff I brought for xmas managed to fit into the freezer.. I didn't dare go on facebook or anything!
But! After a good long cry that day I do feel much better and more able to get through the day. Sometimes you just need a good cry!

Sending you some good vibes to help you get through your day cake flowersx

vallinnapod Fri 12-Dec-14 20:53:32

I cried at the Lindt ad yesterday (the one where the chocolate bear gets it's heart necklace) hmmblush I used to be such a badass bitch grinwink

I am PG with #2, I survived my first pregnancy with normal emotions but the second DS arrived (and ever since) I am a total sponge.

vallinnapod Fri 12-Dec-14 20:56:35

Oh, I also nearly wept at a prospective school for DS when they showed us a video of the a day in the life of the reception class....and when they were telling us about how they had all been singing Away in a Manager at the carol service the previous night.

I keep getting irrationally upset that I will never be able to fully protect DS from getting hurt emotionally, feeling upset/lonely/sad/scared. I had very similar emotions immediately after his birth - almost total helplessness.

Gotta love hormones smile

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