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Consultants at Kensington Wing C&W - advice needed

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SueV14 Fri 12-Dec-14 15:30:19

I know there've been a couple of older threads on this but it would be good to hear some more recent experiences. Nick Wales, Keith Duncan or Vasso Terzidou - has anyone been under their care in the last 1-2 years and what were the impressions? Also, would be great to get an idea of the total fee they charge (hospital charges excluded).

Thanks in advance for any feedback,

SueV14 Sat 13-Dec-14 08:55:16

Anyone? sad

lg1040 Fri 19-Dec-14 16:44:02

Hi there
I'm due to give birth at the Kensington wing in 11 short days and I've got Nick Wales. Let's say that I was very assertive as to what I wanted from the very beginning (Elective C section, consultant led care and no breastfeeding). Nick is lovely and I thoroughly recommend him - I had very bad morning sickness throughout and he replied to all my emails and tried to make me as comfortable as possible. Apart from the morning sickness I had a very straightforward pregnancy so I can't comment too much but feel free to ask me any questions that might pop into your head smile In terms of costs, I believe that they are around £15k (7,5K for consultant, and about the same for hospital including only one night, not including anaesthetist and any extra nights for ELCS). This doesn't include the scans, I had them at FMC as it's nearer my work and cost about 1K (but I had a lot of growth scans as my baby was measuring small).

SueV14 Fri 19-Dec-14 17:58:17

Hi Laura, thank you so much for your feedback. I've had a meet & greet with Nick Wales (charges 1k more now btw), Vasso Terzidou and Keith Duncan and I liked them all! Now need to decide whom to go with. I am sure they all 3 are excellent doctors and none is better or worse than the other. So it's really a matter of personal choice and the financial aspect. While NW is quite a character and made me laugh a few times during our meeting, KD is more quiet and more "to the point" w/o a personal touch, has the advantage of doing all his scans himself though, so time and also bit money saving with him. VT was extremely pleasant and very different to the other two, she is a woman after all and a mom of 3 herself.

Difficult decision, but I guess I am very lucky to be able to choose among 3 docs all available for my due date and all great! I was hoping my gut feeling would tell me what to do after the meetings but it is silent like a fish! hmm

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