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39 weeks advice please! so confused.

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mummytobe3 Fri 12-Dec-14 13:27:33

I am 39 weeks and two days third baby! For the last 3 weeks i have been going in and out of labour i have been in hospital around 8times for this pain and they all say the same its just your body getting ready had a sweep done 6 days ago did nothing apart from make me lose my plug. The last few days i cant even sit down it hurts to i get contractions on and off most the day that then stop some are very painful and stop my every day life. Had a consultant appointment they refused to help me by induction till im 10days over due!. I cant live in this pain i dont no what to do im worried that this birth is going to be awful i feel like no one is helping me medical wise. My body is so tired and sore. Now my pelvis it hurting really bad. The consultant today didn't even check the baby or its heart beat i just don't know what to do im getting so down and depressed about things that im getting really upset about it all. To the point where i wish i didn't get pregnant i dont mind about going over due or anything but i cant live in this pain they gave me condine to take but it mite affect baby. I thought after my plug and sweep baby would be here by now but nothing i was 2cm delitaed but went back to 1cm a week later. Advise please! X

harrowgreen Fri 12-Dec-14 18:56:31

So sorry - sounds awful.

I guess you have the choice of waiting and suffering, or demanding additional medical aid.

Is there a particular midwife you could speak with? Your GP? Or can you go back and ask to see a different consultant? Ultimately, you may need to be very very pushy.

10 days over before they induce seems very very late. If your dates are wrong that could easily put you more than 2wks over.

Personally, I'd call my midwife and ask her. If that was no joy, then I think I'd simply turn up at the hospital and demand some action be taken. Hopefully a different consultant will be on duty and you'll get somewhere.

Jaffakake Fri 12-Dec-14 19:31:40

if you've really had enough & can't take much more you need to speak to midwife/triage & really get pushy for some help.

I had a 5 day slow labour where my contractions were on & off but I did end up having some waters go & getting to 9cm with the aid of syntocin. However, I did end up with a section. I wasn't sleeping & was completely knackered. I've recently found out the reason it bloody hurt was ds was almost back to back & was kinda in an awkward position. I have to stress that apart from it hurting neither of us was in any danger at any point.

The problem with getting pushy is that it can lead to intervention after intervention & presuming you've had only natural births so far this might not be attractive. That said, if you're not sleeping & you think you won't be able to get through to active labour & pushing you need to ask for help.

It's horrible, I know & you have all my sympathy. I think at the least you need to talk to a midwife & feel like you're being listened to. X x

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