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7 week scan, baby 6w2days

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upthewolves Fri 12-Dec-14 08:53:24

Hi ladies

I may be worrying about nothing. First pregnancy, went for ultrasound today. By my LMP date I am exactly 7 weeks today. The sonographer measured the baby and said it was 6 weeks 2 days. I asked him if this was a concern and he was quite vague and said my dates might be out but I know they aren't!

We had a heartbeat, 120 bpm, and everything looked otherwise good! Could the baby just be small??

Anyone else had their dates adjusted like this? Thanks!

Christmascandles Fri 12-Dec-14 09:00:25

Hi Wolves,
I don't think it's anything to worry about as you cannot be sure (unless you've tracked it or used opk) when you ovulated within your cycle. And the measurements will be the exact size of the baby, rather than when you had your last period.

I'm sure someone else will be along soon who can explain it better than me, it's been a loong time since I had to do any of this malarkey!
Congratulations thanks

LG1979 Fri 12-Dec-14 09:01:25


I wouldn't worry about this as I was supposed to be exactly 7 weeks on my first scan, but measured at 6+4. Went back 2 weeks later and measured 9+1. They told me that growth speeds and slows in the beginning and as long as strong heartbeat is there, all is good. They will be more detailed at 12 weeks scan. smile

olaflikeswarmhugs Fri 12-Dec-14 09:05:01

Hi op

I don't think it's anything to worry about . I was tracking quite obsessively when ttc no2 . At my scan , according to their measurements I would have conceived when I had my period grin they have very strict guidelines of measurements so don't worry too much (I know easier said than done!)

Congratulations on your pregnancy thanks

upthewolves Fri 12-Dec-14 09:09:03

Oh pheeew! Thank you all so much. It's crazy what I can find to worry about in these early days! Candles, I hadn't thought about the ovulation date being different - good point. So glad the little heart was beating, just got to keep growing now baby!

Swanny84 Fri 12-Dec-14 09:55:47

According to my missed period I would have been 6 w 3d when scanned but she couldn't see baby, said was early pregnancy 4-5 weeks. We're back next week when I'll either be 7-8w or 9w 3d. I don't think it's anything to worry about at least you saw heartbeat and its only a few days difference xxx

eastcoastmum2014 Fri 12-Dec-14 11:33:53

Apart from her 12 weeks scan my little one has always measured small, she measured 17 weeks at 18.5 week private gender scan and 18.5 weeks at her 20 week scan! She also measured 27 weeks at 28 week 4d scan! My belly measured small right up until the last midwife appointment when she seemed to have a sudden growth spurt and had about 4 weeks worth of growth in 2 weeks!! Some babies are little but they catch up- I think they tend not to worry as long as its within 2 weeks of the assumed gestational age. xx

rubyboo2 Fri 12-Dec-14 12:16:10

Hi OP i had a scan at 7 wks 1 day the sonographer said he was measuring 6 wks ! Said not to worry he would catch up , then at my dating scan he was in front! So try not to worry . Ps your baby may not be small mine is tracking 11lb so far !

butterfly86 Fri 12-Dec-14 12:20:44

I went for my first scan thinking I was 7 weeks and they dated me at just over 5 weeks I was terrified something was wrong I'd had 4 previous miscarriages so thought it was happening again, the dates caught up a bit eventually until my dates and theirs were only 3 days out....dd is almost 6 months old and fast asleep on my knee smile try not to worry and good luck x

EssexMummy123 Fri 12-Dec-14 12:22:55

Same thing happened to me, seems there is a few days margin of error that early on. All caught up by 12 weeks.

upthewolves Fri 12-Dec-14 13:07:42

Ahh, thanks so much girls, you've made me feel loads better! So glad you have had lovely healthy babies! Although Rubyboo... 11lbs... Eek! That's some bloody good growing! If mine doesn't quite make 11lb I'll be alright with it! fgrin

D0nnaO Fri 12-Dec-14 13:27:00

hi wolves,

congratulations on your pregnancy smile
we went for a private scan when I was 7+5 according to Lmp but baby measured 6+6. when we had our 12 week scan, baby measured 12+2 (when I was 12+1 according to LMP). we have our 20 week scan on Tuesday.

hope this helps!

LittleRedRidingHoodie Fri 12-Dec-14 13:59:10

Completely normal. At six weeks they told me the baby was measuring five weeks. They said my dates were wrong, I knew they weren't. I spent week stressing about it. By nine weeks the baby was measuring nine weeks. Relax - it seems to happen loads. They're only measuring mm at this stage so a tiny bit out makes a lot of difference.

Artesia Fri 12-Dec-14 14:02:45

Just to say I am in exactly the same position- thought i was 7+1 but scan today showed me at 6+1 with hb of 117. I am going back for another scan in 2 weeks, but not looking forward to having this hanging over me all Christmas.

Fancy some mutual hand holding OP, and encouragement to stop each other googling?!

supersupersupershock Fri 12-Dec-14 17:27:37

I had an early scan when I thought I was about 7+5 and was told was 6+5 - he said there is always a week either way and 12 week scan will be more accurate smile

JennyBlueWren Fri 12-Dec-14 18:06:20

This is nothing to worry about.

12 week scan is more accurate. My dates were out by just over 2 weeks. This is because women's cycles are of different lengths and not everyone releases their egg dead on time. Even if you know when you had sex it doesn't help as you may have released an egg a week later which got fertilised by some super-sperm. Basically the LMP dates are just rough guidelines until you've had your 12 weeker.

TTCMrsF Fri 12-Dec-14 19:21:34

Hi Wolves,

Don't worry. Conversely, we had an early scan at 7+2 just for reassurance as I've been pretty symptom free and I just to know def got a good strong heartbeat.

My 7+2 scan said I was 7+2 (and good heartbeat and yolk sac) now I'm 9+1 and soooo worried / anxious I want another scan to make sure still growing well. Madness!! So seems like we can just worry about anything, either way!!!!!

I'm sure it will be all good at your next scan. Good heartbeat is the best thing so remember that!

Not got our dating scan apt yet and it just seems like it feels a lifetime away. But just enjoying my just slightly full, tender ish boobs as my only real symptom knowing baby is growing inside and weeks will fly by soon enough.

Wishing you a happy n healthy pregnancy x

keelyboo Fri 12-Dec-14 19:52:45

Had a scan at 7+5 showed a 7 week foetus scan at 10+5 showed a 10 week foetus that was out by my dates. At my 12 week scan baby measured spot on for my dates. That early it's hard to measure and they do say dates by scan can be out 5 days either way so try not to worry

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