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Is this a chemical pregnancy?

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Treesandbees Fri 12-Dec-14 07:18:38

I'm 16dpo and for the past few days the tests haven't got much stronger and my symptoms seem to have gone (apart from cramps). I did a cbdigi on 14dpo and it said 1-2 weeks.

Here is my test progression pictures. What do you think?

bettybyebye Fri 12-Dec-14 07:35:04

Is there anything else making you think it might be a chemical? E.g bleeding, cramping? Are you feeling any pregnancy symptoms e.g. Sore boobs, exhaustion, metallic taste in mouth? (these are just the symptoms I had, obviously everyone's different). If you have no other reasons to think it's chemical I would recommend you step away from the pee sticks! I think at this early stage lines won't get much darker that quickly. I am currently 8+4, when I first tested around 5 weeks the lines were faint. I then didn't test again until this week when a really dark line appeared immediately.
Try to relax, and fx everything will be fine flowers

Treesandbees Fri 12-Dec-14 07:40:39

Thanks for the reply bet. Ive been comparing myself to pg with DS and the symptoms never went (if anything got a lot worse)! They only time that happened was when I had a miscarriage and I literally didn't feel pregnant one day and started bleeding a few days later.

This time I've had very sore boobs (my no pg sign), nausea and cramps at 14dpo. I felt 'v pg' just like with my DS. Then yest the symptoms went (apart from the odd twinge/cramp) so I'm expecting the worst. The only other thing was that I was mega tired last night and ended up in bed at 8.30pm so I guess that is something. No bleeding or spotting yet.

applecore0317 Fri 12-Dec-14 07:49:08

If it helps my symptoms came and went for the first 12 weeks, and I barely had any as it was and at 16 weeks still have days where I don't feel pregnant even though I know all is fine. I kept clear of the tests cause friends said that they don't always change as you want them to, for example the digital ones can progress from saying 1-2wks to 2-3wks then not show 3+ wks at the time you want it to.

bettybyebye Fri 12-Dec-14 08:34:26

It's hard isn't it? I keep comparing this pg to my one with DS, I feel a lot less nauseous in this one which is making me worry too! I'm just getting odd waves of sickness, which is obviously better but sometimes think I'd just prefer to feel really sick as would be more to wait till the 6th jan for my scan. I'm sure this is all a lot harder if you've already had a mc so sympathies, hopefully all will be well

Jodie1982 Fri 12-Dec-14 08:44:16

Try not to keep testing Hun, you'll drive yourself insane. You have positive tests, that's a good sign. Unless you start bleeding and cramping then try n chill out a bit. Xx

Treesandbees Fri 12-Dec-14 12:40:47

Thanks for the messages, it's helping to have some reassurance! I did another digi (I know!) and it said 'pregnant 1-2' so that's something. Not feeling particularly pg today but I'm trying to think that 'I am pregnant today' and go with that until bleeding happens.

Jodie1982 Fri 12-Dec-14 22:19:55

Your symptoms will soon kick in! Mine kicked in and hit me like a freight train at around 8wks.
Take it easy n congratulations!

TheScenicRoute Sat 13-Dec-14 11:11:36

My tests never got any stronger, they were always faint. Hang on in There. X

TheScenicRoute Sat 13-Dec-14 17:27:06

....I forgot to say that I'm carrying twins and they remained faint!

wildfire613 Sun 14-Dec-14 01:30:13

Honestly hun, I could relate. Had a chemical in september. Tested with about 4 frer digital and they were positive even when the clearblue digital was negative afterwards. Lost it 2 days later. Now I got another bfp 2 weeks ago, this time with clearblue digital and got my 1-2 weeks. Tested 2 days later again and got 2-3 weeks. Tested the following weekend and got 3+. But between the 2-3 and 3+, I too was losing my mind thinking I was losing it because my symptoms seemed to have disappeared. It's only when I got my 3+ that I felt confident we have a viable pregnancy.

wildfire613 Sun 14-Dec-14 01:31:35

P.s. that's not including the additional 5 other sticks I peed on before the 3+ to convince myself it was real and I wasn't losing the baby again.

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