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Hcg , bleeding, experiences please

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fionasuewright Thu 11-Dec-14 17:51:29

Hey, so this may be a bit long but i'm looking for personal experiences to know what is happening.

on Saturday I found out I was pregnant did 4 hpt all positive and a clear blue that said 1-2 weeks.

on Tuesday I started bleeding. Dark and heavy (no clots)
so I went to my local epau as advised by gp who did a cervical examination and said my womb was closed.
I was then sent for an internal scan and the doc said there was nothing there and that I had miscarried due to the lining of the womb being so thin.

I was sent for hcg level blood test and returned for the second one today.

According to the nurse who phoned shortly ago she said my hcg levels today suggest a progressing pregnancy and I have to return again on Saturday once 48 hours have passed and have a repeat test.

What are people's experiences with such tests, is it likely to be a good sign or bad sign?

So confused as to whether to get my hopes up as we have been ttc.


thanks in advance.

Swanny84 Thu 11-Dec-14 18:44:03

If your bloods are positive, I'd think you were too early when had scan. Esp if clear blue said 1-2. 11 years ago I was told I'd misscarried my now 10 year old but I was just too early to see her on scan.
This time I was scanned at what should have been 6 weeks but no baby showed on scan...they reckon I was only 4-5 weeks. Bloods showed pregnancy is progressing. Next scan is next week so we're still hopeful (should be 7 weeks if scan was correct) good luck. See what bloods show sat xxx keep us posted xxx

Hophop987 Thu 11-Dec-14 18:51:44

Do you know your hcg numbers? If numbers are doubling that is a great sign and it was probably just too early when you had a scan

fionasuewright Thu 11-Dec-14 18:55:44

Unfortunately they didn't tell me my levels just that the second test suggest a pregnancy is progressing. I just don't want to get my hopes up. Once I have my bloods done Saturday they won't give me the results till Monday so I will update then.

After thinking we've lost it already I don't want to hope it's still there and then find out again that it's not xx

Swanny84 Thu 11-Dec-14 19:20:40

Awww I understand that, pregnancy progressing usually means they've doubled. Good luck hun xxx

Hophop987 Thu 11-Dec-14 19:27:42

Fingers crossed for you! I had similar experience where they thought it was ectopic as they couldn't see proper gestational sac, but HCG confirmed that pregnancy is progressing and scan 4 days later showed gestational as well as yolk sac. It was just too early when they scanned me first time. So there is hope!

fionasuewright Mon 15-Dec-14 10:14:29

I get my 3rd blood test results tonight between 5 and 7, i'm pretty much dreading it. Either way it's probably not good news. I'm either still pregnant and having complications or im slowly miss carrying and my bodies trying to hold on..sad

lmb21010 Mon 15-Dec-14 10:57:11

Hoping for the best for you xxx

SueV14 Mon 15-Dec-14 12:35:31

It would be good to know your HCG levels, if they really doubled or just increased. I had an ectopic a year ago when I started bleeding just 1.5 days after knowing I was pregnant, it started with spotting and developed into period strength bleeding withing a few hours. Internal scan with NHS showed nothing, they did 2 blood tests and HCG went from 75 to 113 in 24 hours. They told me to come back in a week for another scan (didn't want to take another blood test!) and watch out for sharp pain and rush to hospital at first signs. I was too freaked out to just sit and wait so went for a private consultation and scan on Harley street where they immediately found a tiny ectopic on a scan. But thank god it didn't need any treatment or surgery, it has resolved itself. I was bleeding lightly for ca. 10 days and that was it. A year later (and after a breast cancer treatment in between) I'm now 7 weeks and it is a viable pregnancy this time!

I'm not sure how this is helpful in your situation but you asked for personal experiences and this was mine. I guess my message is that all will be fine at the end, just try to stay calm and think positive! Xo

fionasuewright Mon 15-Dec-14 18:01:38

Hey I got the 3rd blood test results im deffinately pregnant and according to the person on the phone the levels have doubled I asked for the actual numbers and they said that they are not allowed to tell me envy

but that all should be well as my levels are normal for the beginning of a pregnancy and that i'm probably only about 5 weeks.
got a scan on Friday just to make sure everything Is in the right place. smile

Angelto5 Mon 15-Dec-14 18:06:26

What great new OP. thanks

Fingers crossed all is well. Update us on fri please smile

fionasuewright Thu 18-Dec-14 06:49:47

latest development, while waiting for the scan for Friday I got server left side abdominal pains yesterday morning, came straight to the epau, had tests there was a mass on my left tube and no sign of a baby.

They took me into theatre and operated with keyhole surgery. I haven't been consulted with by a doc yet about what happened but they did say before hand they would remove my left tube.

just wanted to update as asked. bit of a sad time right now
it was my 23rd birthday yesterday and I spent it in hospital and having such pain and devastating news as this would of been my partners first child sad

Angelto5 Thu 18-Dec-14 09:13:46

So sorry to hear your sad news.

Be good to yourself & take it easy thanks

Belated birthday wishes

WrappedInABlankie Thu 18-Dec-14 09:37:43

So sorry to hear that thanks

I spent my 21st birthday In hospital with an ectopic this year, second birthday in a row spent in hospital so i wish you a belated birthday it sucks.

SueV14 Thu 18-Dec-14 10:16:36

So sorry to hear the bad news! I can't believe they didn't scan you again and only relied on blood tests! Were you continuing to bleed all that time since 9th Dec? This makes me feel angry esp if they did scan you again (esp because they didn't find anything the first time) they maybe could've seen the ectopic and started treating you with medication and maybe you could've kept your tube. The problem is, sometimes the baby is developing and growing normally (what makes the HCG level rise normally) but it's just in the wrong place, and this is when it makes your tube rupture. And when is it when you'll speak with a doc to find out what actually happened??

I am really sorry for the rather angry post, I just remember too well how they sent me home and said to come back in a week (see my post above). My ectopic baby "died off' very early so it wasn't developing and this is why I luckily didn't need any treatment. But if it had developed normally the. I would've ended up in the same situation as you had I not went for a private scan.

Although the NHS care is good, when it comes to serious issues which may be potentially life threatening, I would recommend anyone to spend money (or make use of insurance if available) and go get a second opinion.

All the best to you Fiona, you are very young and I am sure you will have no problems whatsoever to have children with one tube. I was told by many doctors plenty of women do and have several perfectly healthy babies. I personally know one who had 3 DC (1+ twins!) after losing a tube.


SueV14 Thu 18-Dec-14 10:19:44

P.S.: make sure next time you are pregnant to request/insist on a scan at 5 weeks latest (this is when they can tell for sure if the yolk sac is in the right place). And if they refuse go and have one here for £100: It is money well spent, believe me!

fionasuewright Thu 18-Dec-14 16:03:27

Thank you for the birthday wishes,
Sue they said they were waiting till this Friday to scan me as the original hcg levels which I have now found out from yesterday were 39 apparently showing that an egg had been fertilised, the second level was 96 showing implantation and the 3rd levels were 224 showed that it was very very early when they first scanned and that is why they didn't see anything, they wanted to wait long enough to see something on the second scan. Which they did, they saw the mass.

As I say they removed my left tube and have told me that I should have no fertility issues but that when I try again as soon as I find out im pregnant I'm to ask the doc to refer me to the hospital for a 5-6 week scan and thay should I have any bleeding or pain before then to go straight to the epau unit where they will do full investigations to prevent a repeat occurrence.

I am now home and resting, my two DC at their fathers and my OH waiting on me hand and foot wink

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