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just had a baby and going back on the pill

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babysunshine20 Thu 11-Dec-14 16:08:15

Just had a baby 5 weeks ago. Me and my partner had sex for the first time last night since having our baby. We used a condom and started back on the celeste pill the morning after. Need some advice, could i be pregnant or are we safe?? Thanks

thomasstockmann Mon 15-Dec-14 21:54:50

Several things make me think you're not pregnant.
You have used a condom. If used correctly, chances of being pregnant are very low.
You are 5 weeks postpartum. Have your periods returned? You can get pregnant again after birth before your period has returned but chances would be small rather than big.
Least sure but some regular contraceptive pills act as morning-after-pills. Might be worth checking what effects Celeste can have (should say in notice).
Hope that helps.

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