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Morning Sickness STARTING at 12 weeks?!

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Tranquilitybaby Thu 11-Dec-14 07:07:47

What's that all about?!

I've had nausea from 5-12 weeks but no actual sickness, then was sick upon waking yesterday and again this morning! Urgh. Is that normal?

I've started suffering from acid reflux, so i guess that isn't helping either.

Anyone else started suffering so late?

Dontforgetyourbrolly Thu 11-Dec-14 07:18:13

Yes - me!

I remember not feeling pregnant at all when I had my first scan , in fact I thought there would be no baby there and it was all a huge mistake ha ha

I had no sickness until just after 12 weeks and it lasted for about a month. Everything used to make me feel sick , shampoo, shower gel , looking at my computer , the commute into work ......everything.

I don't think it's particularly late tbh my dsil had morning sickness right up to the birth of my niece :-(

Good luck with your pregnancy it's such an exciting time x

Tranquilitybaby Thu 11-Dec-14 08:08:36

Thanks Don't, it horrible isn't it. What did you have in the end? X

Bustherb Thu 11-Dec-14 10:55:00

Is anyone finding that they're sick after eating certain foods? I'm sick anyway but when I eat shreddies or drink hot chocolate i seem to projectile vomit everywhere. Does anyone know the reason for this ? Xx

DramaAlpaca Thu 11-Dec-14 11:00:23

This happened to me in my first pregnancy. I thought I'd got away with it then at 12 weeks the morning all day sickness hit me with a vengeance. If I remember correctly, it eased off at about 18 weeks, but didn't stop completely until 20 weeks. After that I felt amazing right until the birth.

Congratulations on your pregnancy, by the way.

pinkie1982 Thu 11-Dec-14 14:25:15

Don't say that! I've had no sick so far, slightly queasy for the last two weeks but that's it and its wearing off now!

Dontforgetyourbrolly Thu 11-Dec-14 18:20:24

OP I had a little boy x

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