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MrsCK Tue 09-Dec-14 19:34:01

I had a midwife appointment last week where there was a trace of protein in my urine. Midwife wasn't too concerned but asked about swelling. I explained it goes down at night but over the last few days I've had really bad swelling in my ankles and hands too.
I have a scan on Thursday. should I mention it then or phone the maternity ward now?

Firstpregnancy2014 Tue 09-Dec-14 19:56:07

Definitely mention it
I had a midwives appointment 5 weeks ago with a trace of protein and swelling but midwife wasn't concerned
3 weeks ago I went back cause I felt unwell - got sent straight to the day unit- turns out I had developed pre- clampsia and 48 hours later I had my baby in my arms at 38 weeks. It's best to get checked smile

MrsCK Tue 09-Dec-14 20:49:16

Hmm ok thanks. I'll call them tomorrow if there's still swelling

Murphy29 Tue 09-Dec-14 20:55:37

Definitely get checked. I was really swollen for weeks (rings stuck etc) but everything else fine and then between a Friday and Monday I went from no protein to a lot of protein in urine and had DS the next day at 35 weeks.

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