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Back ache at 25 weeks

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DontBeBlueBeARainbow Tue 09-Dec-14 15:32:34

I've just started getting lower back ache this week at around 25/26 weeks and just wondered if this is normal around this time due to a growing bump, or whether it's more likely to be bed/posture problems of my own making?

Wearing a back support and hoping it gets under control as there are still 3 months to go yet!

Emilyrose1290 Wed 10-Dec-14 11:27:06

Hi rainbow! I have had low back ache since 20 weeks (am now 27+5) an had to be signed off work.
I haven't got any answers really as am still suffering. Managed to get a referral for physio so hopefully that will help.
Maybe you could go to your gp and ask for a physio appointment? When does it cause you the most pain? Are you able to walk/stand without pain?
I have been advised to take as much paracetamol as I need, I was uncomfortable with this at first as didn't want to but eventually I have has to accept that I need them.
I do think that this happens in some pregnancies, my doctor said that it happens for some people who maybe have had a bad back in the last, or have a physical job, or sometimes it just happens!

DontBeBlueBeARainbow Tue 16-Dec-14 09:53:20

Thanks for your reply Emily

it has mostly gone away in the last week, since i stopped doing my daily 2nd trimester strengthening workout, so i don't know if it was that... i want to get back to the workout though, so perhaps I'll start again next week once I'm not and see how i feel.

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