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Is this normal?

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lillyloo22 Tue 09-Dec-14 14:16:31

Hi, I would love some advise.

My LMP was the 18th of October which would make me to be 7 weeks pregnant. I had little symptoms so I didnt relise. On the 14th of Novemeber I had severe diarrhea, the following day I had a severe migraine attack but as someone who sometimes gets migraines this one seems different. There wasnt any pain and vomiting that continued threw the night.
that week I had no appetite then the following weekend I woke up with the most severe pain ive ever had. I used the toillet and was in there for a good 20 mins. I felt like id sprained my abdomen. Ive not had pain like that before.
It was only when i started spotting on and off for a few days my boyfriend and I did a test, 3 that all said pregnant.

Something didnt feel right, i was in denial slightly as ive previously been pregnant, i new immediately and every DPO was hell as a new an intense symtom made me feel terrible.

So I understood that each pregnancy is different but I felt empty and pretty normal. other than sore boobs. With in a week my boobs stopped hurting and now they only hurt in the morning, but they actually seem to have gone down. my belly is smaller than it normally is, i do have a belly when i eat and its completly soft i can breath in and have the flattest tummy ever,

not only that where my pubic bone on pubic area is, it then goes down and in. No sign of pregnancy belly, no sign of even a period belly. Nothing more of a dip that you ahve when youve lost alot of weight.

over the last few days ive had nausea but boobs have gone down and i feel very un pregnant other than slight slight nausea, all aversions to smells and products have gone, in a space of a day they disappeared. I suffered quiet badly this time and last of everything making me feel nauseas, every smell, perfume, soap, meat.. it came and then vanished. I spotted and had light pink blood sometimes after the bathroom.

My GP app. isnt till friday 12th dec. Prior to me falling pregnant and up to the day we found out (last week sometime) I was under extreme stress, I was getting around 4 hours max of sleep, not sleeping during the day, drinking lots of tea all day and night not eating food.

My symptoms seem to have gone, i have had no twinges, pains, twitches, or anything down below. Id really like a scan but friday seems so far away and even then I may not get a scan till the following week as im worried being a pregnant lady may get told im just worrying.

This post may seem like ive got nothing to worry about but aprt from syptoms disapearing and no blood. I feel in my heart that theres nothing inside. Not sure what to do. :/

lillyloo22 Tue 09-Dec-14 14:30:45

Also sorry wanted to ask, anyone who has had a blighted Ovum does any of this sound familiar? in regards to you stomach and symptoms?

Urinating has stopped, boobs minus the morning, nausea is gone but vomiting or the feeling to vomit comes and goes. No weight gain, no belly. Did anyone whos had a blighted ovum have any symptoms that made you wonder of you were pregnant??


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