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Induction for reduced fetal movement?

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vallinnapod Tue 09-Dec-14 12:05:07

Posted in Childbirth too, just after the experiences of others and wondered if there would be more traffic here

I am 36+5 and have now been to the DAU 4 times for reduced movement (26+2, 32, 36, 36+2, 36+3). Had a growth scan at 32 weeks (all fine) as FH 4 weeks behind. It caught up but then they admitted me on Sunday as my fundal height was 4 weeks behind again, and due to the repeated incidents of RFM. Was on 4 hourly CTGs. Half of which were fine, the other 3 I ended up being on for 2 plus hours as they tried to establish a consistent baseline. On one the baby had gone insane at the beginning and then had decelerations. Ultimately they were happy and after another growth scan today (all fine) they discharged me.

I am to go in for twice weekly CTGs starting on Weds and have a consultant appt on Thursday as although I am scheduled for a HB, I want to discuss induction as all I am really concerned about is that she is here safely.

Sorry...long ramble...

The ask is has anyone else been in this position? I will be 37 weeks when I see the consultant. What is the likelyhood he will either recommend or agree to an induction?

This is my 2nd baby, first was a 6hr spontaneous labour at 38+4 but I know there is no guarantee this one will be similar gestation.

bonzo77 Tue 09-Dec-14 12:18:27

Yes. Very similar. Twice. My first was a very very long induction at 38+5. Full range of interventions but no progress (no change in cervix). CS at 39+1. You might have more success though if you've previously had a VB. Baby was fine. My second was a CS with 3 days notice for reduced movement and no fluid at 35+5. Baby had RDS which is a known risk with a CSA, and they were concerned about risk of gut necrosis due to placental insufficiency. He spent 4 days on NiCU and another 4 on SCBU, but was essentially very well.

I would ask:
How favourable is your cervix for a successful induction?
After how many hours of attempting to induce will you have the option if a CS?
Can you have a tour or NICU ahead of the induction?
If there are any arrangements to allow you to stay if you are discharged before your baby is? (Probably not, but worth asking).

bonzo77 Tue 09-Dec-14 12:19:56

Sorry, I didn't answer your question. I suspect the consultant will be more than happy for you to change to a hospital birth, and for you to be induced. They are very risk adverse.

vallinnapod Tue 09-Dec-14 16:16:09

Thanks Bonzo - especially for the question list!

RandomMess Tue 09-Dec-14 16:18:41

I think at this stage better out than in with all these concerns, I personally would be asking for induction - I've had 4 of them, 2 of them were long drawn out events (days) the other 2 much quicker.

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