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20 week scan tomorrow

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ILiveOnABuildsite Mon 08-Dec-14 19:40:02

Sorry, sorry, I know this is being done to death but So excited. We are planning/hoping to find out the baby's gender but I was wondering if anyone fancy a last minute guess from our 12 week scan photo. Will update tomorrow for those of you who like to know if you got it right.

banterbus Mon 08-Dec-14 19:45:16

Congratulations! I'm guessing girl smile

m33r Mon 08-Dec-14 19:48:56

Seconded on the girl! Congrats!

furtivefeline Mon 08-Dec-14 20:09:43


ILiveOnABuildsite Mon 08-Dec-14 21:02:08

Ooh all girls! That's interesting.

ILiveOnABuildsite Tue 09-Dec-14 13:18:12

Sorry folks, just back from scan and it's a boy! Got a good view of his bits and even the scan technician said "yes that's definitely a boy".

Have to admit both me and dh were convinced it was a girl so we were shocked but very happy at same time.

baby5ontheway Thu 11-Dec-14 12:21:10

My 20 week scan is next week but can't wait another week so got a private scan booked for tomorrow, anybody want to have a guess at mine and I will update tomorrow (just for fun as I'm sure were all in need of a bit of fun)

baby5ontheway Sat 13-Dec-14 18:00:31

im having a GIRL!! and im very happy

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