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Ill since finding out!

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Skeppers Mon 08-Dec-14 08:27:30

Hello! smile
Found out I'm 'expecting' on Saturday morning (6th) was a bit of a shock; although I came off my Pill in late Sept I was expecting that due to our relatively 'advanced' years (36 & 41 respectively) it would take a good year to conceive. Looks like I'm 4 weeks. Beautifully timed as ever, it was my birthday yesterday and husband had booked us a beery retreat in a lovely Devonshire biggest concern though is that literally since finding out, I've been ill. Now, I NEVER get ill. I've had the raging trots for 2 days and now have a full-on, cold snot fest forming. Is this anything to worry about? Could it be psychological, like a shock reaction to 'the news'? Any advice on what I can / can't take? Obviously cos I only found out at the weekend I've not been able to contact GP / midwife yet. The only people I've told are husband and the lady who threads my eyebrows (had an appt Sat am and HAD to tell someone)! Did anyone else have something similar? Is it psychosomatic....!? Thanks!

Quitelikely Mon 08-Dec-14 08:30:12

I don't think those things are associated with pregnancy. Sounds like you have a nasty bug.

Congratulations btw

eurochick Mon 08-Dec-14 08:30:44

Your immune system has to let down some defences to allow the embryo to implant as that is 50% foreign dna. So colds and other bugs are common. And you can't take any of the good drugs!

leanne963 Mon 08-Dec-14 08:36:03

I am 16 weeks and since about 5 weeks I have had a snotty nose. Every day I have a toilet roll by my side. Then at least once a week it turns into a full on cold with the heavy eyes and sneezes too.
I think I am one of the unlucky ones though! Lol

Skeppers Mon 08-Dec-14 08:36:20

Darn, my usual tack would be dosing myself up with Night Nurse! Doh. Thanks for the reassurance though. And 'foreign DNA'? Why does that sound so eeeeww?? wink

m33r Mon 08-Dec-14 08:37:06

A rough tummy was my first symptom and it went after two days. Have had the cold / cough ever since (am 25+4); up until getting pregnant I hadnMt had as much as runny nose in as many years as I can remember.

Have fun with hot water and lemon!! You're also allowed paracetamol but I avoid it too. It's all worth it though!! congratulations btw!!

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