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Is orajel safe?

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nataliekristin Sun 07-Dec-14 22:54:36


I've been using orajel for toothache for about 3 days now. There is conflicting advice on how safe this is during pregnancy and im worried it may be harmful as I'm sure I swallow small amounts of it. Does anyone know if it's not ok to use?

I'm going to the dentist this week to get it sorted but worried I shouldn't have been using orajel in the 1st place.

Peaceloveandbiscuits Mon 08-Dec-14 00:09:22

I've googled and I'm not sure either. How many weeks are you? Might be one of those that haven't had enough research done into them and so it's up to you. I would have thought, though, that since dental local anaesthetic and codeine are both safe to take, Orajel should be fine, in small doses (my opinion only).
Hope you get it sorted soon - tooth ache is the worst!

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