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Very Early Miscarriage

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Gemjay414 Sun 07-Dec-14 14:45:00

Please can some one help!
Like clockwork I come on on the 29th day of my cycle in the evening. this month though I started to get cramps last week (day 22) that got worse until Friday when they felt like contractions. Yesterday morning (Saturday, day 25) I woke up and was spotting pink blood. I put a pad on and this continued throughout the day. Last night though I went to the toilet and a clot about 2cm with a long thready tail had come away from me. It was dark red n surrounded by bright red blood, the toilet was also full of blood. Since then the bleeding has gone back to spotting but the bad cramps are still there. I'm really worried as nothing like this has happened before and we are trying for a baby. Any advice would be grately appreciated, thank you!

LittleRedRidingHoodie Sun 07-Dec-14 14:49:46

I wouldn't be worried about it really. It may have been a very early miscarriage and it may have been a weird period. If you suspect infection, it gets smelly for example, then might be worth getting some antibiotics. Otherwise, batten down the hatches and fingers crossed for next month.

Gemjay414 Sun 07-Dec-14 14:55:43

Also should have said I don't usually really get any cramps

Gemjay414 Sun 07-Dec-14 14:56:23

Thank you littleredridinghoodie

Sarkymare Sun 07-Dec-14 18:41:52

If you wasn't due on until the 29th but bleeding started on the 22nd you would have been less than four weeks pregnant.

At less than four weeks pregnant I can assure you a miscarried foetus would not be visible. So push that to the back of your mind.

It's probably just an odd period. I've had them myself from time to time. Of course there is a possibility this was a miscarriage but from what you have said, and my own experience of a 7 and a bit week miscarriage. It doesn't sound like it.

LIG1979 Sun 07-Dec-14 21:13:51

I would say it could be a chemical pregnancy. I had one and got a faint positive that then went negative a couple of days later followed by bleeding. It was just like an odd period (lighter but more clotty and painful than normal) and my body went back into its normal cycle again. The positive I took from it was that I could get pregnant. A large number of pregnancies end this way and just appear as a slightly odd period that is a day or two out. (I also think I may have had others but never tested.) It is part of the problem of early tests as they detect very early pregnancies that were never going to properly implant.

Hopefully it will happen for you soon thanks

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