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Bump dramatically dropped at 32 weeks!

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Cullercoats88 Sun 07-Dec-14 11:00:22

Hi all, I have had a wonderful healthy very easy pregnancy, and possibly because of my height and body shape, I have always carried quite high, literally right under my bra line. However the past week my bump has really dropped, everyone has noticed and it seems to be quite a significant difference.
I read online about this usually happening 4 weeks before baby arrives, is this accurate? Should I be preparing for an early arrival? I have compared photos and you can clearly see a difference between two weeks ago and now x

LittleRedRidingHoodie Sun 07-Dec-14 12:02:44

You lucky thing. I hope mine drops at 32 weeks (next week) too! I want my ribs back. I don't suppose it's anything to worry about. Mention it to your midwife and they'll check if head is engaged and by how much which should give you a better idea about whether to brace yourself for an early arrival!

Cullercoats88 Sun 07-Dec-14 12:35:03

Thanks littlered, I know from my last midwife app, about 2weeks ago, that the head is down, and I can see definite feet and knees up high. My hubby is convinced baby will arrive over xmas, it would be quite exciting if she did smile

It's a delight to feel my ribs again, that's for sure! Haha

oneowlgirl Sun 07-Dec-14 12:42:31

All 3 of mine dropped at about 34 weeks & I was 2 weeks overdue on all, so not sure what that indicates! If you're worried then get your midwife to check, but I'm sure it's fine.

Enjoy the simple pleasure of being able to breathe easily again & all the best for the rest of your pregnancy smile

TheEagle Sun 07-Dec-14 12:46:20

Mine dropped dramatically at 30 weeks and DS stayed where he was until 39+2!

I was quite uncomfortable after the dropping and found walking a bit sore. But it was nice to have the breathing space in my upper rib cage.

Even if baby's head is engaged, it doesn't necessarily mean labour is imminent. I drove myself mad googling and reading endless anecdotes about bump dropping/engagement!

Good luck fgrin

Cullercoats88 Sun 07-Dec-14 18:32:28

Ahh that's good to know, I can't wait for her arrival but I must admit it would be ever so slightly inconvenient if she came 4weeks early!!
I was abit uncomfortable yesterday especially when walking, but I feel fine today. My next midwife app isn't until 19th December, if I need to talk to her before I will.
Thanks for reassurance as always!!

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