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How small is a trickle? and maybe a bit TMI

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PandaDog Sat 06-Dec-14 22:33:44

Im 38+5 and i'm a first time mum.

As I've got closer to my due date I recently found out the waters going isn't a rush but can be a slow trickle... So how much is a slow trickle?

I'm mostly asking because all day I've had increased 'liquid/discharge' loss... Although it is watery there isn't much (a few drops if anything over the half an hour period) but it is coming from that area as I can feel it constantly despite having a few drops. So i am passing it off as increased discharge.

I suppose I just want someone to put my mind to rest!

harrowgreen Sun 07-Dec-14 12:32:00

I've read that you should lie down for half an hour. Stand up and if you get a gush then it's your waters (since the lying down will give them time to pool). Discharge won't gush in the same way.

Otherwise go to the hospital and they can test it.

blackwidow74 Sun 07-Dec-14 18:37:46

Amnio fluid smells sweet (almost almondy) and is clear ... I've feltried mine go every time with a pop and a gush ... as was suggested try laying down for a while then see if there's an increase when you stand ... my guess is you are just loosening up in readiness and the cervix is discharging a little more than normal. If at all worried get checked out smile

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