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Is this positive or not?

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ClumsyCrocheter Fri 05-Dec-14 16:17:50

Following on from my previous threads, I went to my EPU today because of all my stomach cramps etc.

They thought it was a bit odd I have had no pregnancy symptoms, and my LMP was 25/10 so I should be 6 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I know the dates I ovulated as was tracking them, and also know when we DTD as it was only once last month!

So they said it's all good that the pregnancy is where it should be etc. But....that it only looked about 5 weeks along. She said it "may catch up" by the time I get to my 12 week scan, but I am obviously now paranoid that it's just stopped developing and is a mmc.

If I am certain about my dates, is it still possible for me to be a week behind in terms of growth? If it helps at all, she said the gestational sack was 9mm.

Meirasa Fri 05-Dec-14 16:26:53

It could all still be well.

You may know your dates but you can conceive at any time after you have DTD for around 7 days- that is how long sperm can live. Please try not to worry about what the scan dates said at this early stage. If you really can't stop worrying 7 weeks is a long time and maybe having a reassurance scan in 2 weeks would be good for you xxx In 2 weeks a heartbeat should be seen,

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