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totally paranoid

(11 Posts)
Kungpowkitten76 Fri 05-Dec-14 13:16:53

I am 10 weeks today, and think I am losing my mind. I miscarried in August at 5 weeks, so was so happy to get pregnant again just over a month later.
We did a HPT at found out at 3 weeks. I registered with the midwife at 6 weeks, and am only able to see her on my 11th week. Thats not even for a scan, thats just for the paperwork to be filled out and blood tests to be taken etc.
As I had miscarried my partner and I went to for an EPC at 6 weeks exactly and were pleased to see the yolk sac, a tiny blob and a heartbeat.
Since then though I have become totally paranoid. My symtoms pretty much disappeared at week 8. The only thing I have are tender breasts, and even then not that bad, and the odd twinge/stitch like pain in the lower abdomen.
I keep reading on sights and in books and I just don't have what everywhere says I should have at this stage. I dont have the bump, I dont have darkened nipples or veins appearing, I am not eating much in the day as I am not hungry. The tiredness comes and goes, but that is all. Nothing else.
I have had no bleeding or spotting but still am so scared something has happened and I don't know about it. I have even booked a private scan for next Thursday as I just need to see that the baby is where it needs to be and developing like it should be.
Anyone else feel like this?

leanne963 Fri 05-Dec-14 13:55:21

Oh OP sad it is a stressful time isn't it?! I completely empathise! I MC in June and I fel pregnanct again in September. I too had an early scan at 5w5d and saw the yolk sac and baby! Do NOT compare your symptoms to any medical website guidelines, every woman is different and this will drive you mad. My boobs were never really sore, no green veins, morning sickness was minimal. Please don't worry about the symptoms. I had bleeding and pains too but I just have a sensitive cervix.
I had 4 private scans by the time i had my 12 week dating scan as I suffer from terrible anxiety and was so scared something bad was gonna happen again. But I am 16 weeks now!
I completely understand how stressful it is, I felt so alone and like I was being a paranoid freak but it is only natural.
I really hope everything goes well for you and you can look back on these weeks and go 'thank god that's over' whie you cradle a healthy baby smile

Schoolaroundthecorner Fri 05-Dec-14 14:02:07

I felt exactly the same OP. I had a scan at eight weeks following a miscarriage the previous cycle. I know I was lucky to get pregnant again so quickly but then I was totally paranoid that I hadn't left enough time for my body to recover. Even now at 18 weeks, although I am delighted to get this far, I still worry probably far more than is good for me.

Hopefully your private scan will give you the reassurance you need. Symptoms can wax and wane so try not to let that make you too anxious. Miscarriages are sadly very common but having already had a good 6 week scan the odds are very much in your favour.

All the best OP flowers

Teeste Fri 05-Dec-14 14:11:35

Yup, I had an MC in April, I'm now 12+2. I booked a private scan too! I had awful nausea and exhaustion up until week 9 when it all dropped off a cliff. Turns out bean was/is fine. Symptoms come and go, don't compare yourself to others - that way lies madness. I don't have any of those veins, linea negra, dark nips or anything either and the boob tenderness is going now too. The way I deal with the anxiety is to ask myself what would it look like if it was going right as opposed to wrong? The answer is usually - pretty much like it does now.

If you've seen a heartbeat, though, the stats say your risk of an MC is greatly reduced smile I don't know about you, but I just knew that it was going wrong with the MC, and I don't have that feeling with this one. I totally get how easy it is to be paranoid and worry at everything, especially when everyone (I'm looking at you, my GP) pretty much tells you not to worry, go home, shut up. It's impossible.

Your scan is probably the best thing for you right now, I know a cloud lifted when I had mine. There's nothing like knowing for sure and I personally will be having as many private scans as I need and can afford. Pregnancy to me is a time to look after yourself and do whatever you need to help yourself as much as possible. So go easy on yourself. FC for ya flowers

Kungpowkitten76 Fri 05-Dec-14 15:30:04

Thank you so much! I will try and relax. Just want to enjoy being pregnant instead of worrying about everything that is or isn't happening.

MuffinMcLay23 Fri 05-Dec-14 15:31:58

Until you can feel the baby move which won't be for a while yet then it is very difficult to reassure yourself. If you can afford it get a private scan.

leanne963 Fri 05-Dec-14 16:15:55

Teeste I know exactly what you mean about 'knowing'. During my last pregnancy i had an awful gut feeling, i couldn't shift it. I was crying on the phone to my mum saying i just wanted reassurance, but unfortunately i was travelling to America 3 days later for a wedding so couldn't fit in a scan or anything. I had a dark cloud over me the whole 3 weeks while i was there, i was spotting throughout but put this down to a sensitive cervix. Unfortunately when i got back, a few days before my 12 weeks scan, i miscarried. I Even said afterwards 'I KNEW something wasn't right'. But during this pregnancy, even though i worried, i didn't have that gut feeling. I have never heard anyone say that they 'knew' before, so had to comment!!

MuffinMcLay23 Fri 05-Dec-14 16:51:09

Try not to worry KungPung - I thought I "knew" that things were going wrong in the early weeks of my current pregnancy, I had lots of cramping etc and symptoms coming and going and was sure it was all about to come to an end, I had a really really bad gut feeling I which had never had when expecting DC1, but i'm now 34 weeks along and everything appears to be going well.

Teeste Fri 05-Dec-14 17:45:06

leanne I don't know whether it was a combination of gut instinct, spotting and the news that my hcg levels weren't rising enough, but like you I just knew and was devastated. With this one, I found out at 4 weeks and instantly had the feeling that everything was going to be OK and that it was a boy - I find out if I'm right at the end of Jan on the latter anyway grin. I still feel like it's going to be OK even though I've had spotting with this one (not the same though). Bodies are funny things, eh?

MissHobart Fri 05-Dec-14 18:11:53

It's easy to panic, I've had 3x mc prior to this PG so know how you feel.

Symptom spotting is useless, I'm 18 weeks now and still don't have dark nipples or veins appearing, not even a bump, very few symptoms of anything actually (which everyone keeps telling me is lucky, no sickness etc hmm ).

I'm sure you'll be fine, it's a hugely stressful time, you're not fact off a scan now, best wishes for that! grin

leanne963 Fri 05-Dec-14 18:33:05

Teeste I am spotting during this pregnancy too, but i can go three or 4 weeks with no spotting but if i get a bad cough or cold i will spot for a few days. So definitely not the same! I have a gut feeling the baby is a girl and i will find this out next friday cause i was too impatient to wait til beginning of January for my 20 week scan! Glad everything is going well for you this time!!

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