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25 weeks nearly and sharp pain on left side

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Ridingthestorm Fri 05-Dec-14 09:41:20

Posted on my FB support page but hoping I can get some responses here too.

I am 25 weeks tomorrow. Four times now I have woken in the night, whilst lying on my back, with a sharp pain in the lower left of my uterus (placenta is there). The pain gets stronger and tightens and though I can just about turn onto my left side, I can't turn onto my right side. The pain subsides after 15-20 minutes. This sometimes happened when DTD too.

I do sometimes get BH with this pregnancy (second) though didn't with my first. It is definitely different to BH because it is isolated on one side.

For a few hours sfterwards, my baby is quiet, no movements felt and tummy seems flatter (baby could be curled up). All other times the baby is fine and so am I. Baby kicks and wriggles around as expected.

I am worried about it being restricted blood flow because I had issues with my placenta in my last pregnancy (restricted growth in baby, low fluid which was decreasing week by week from 36 weeks onwards, abruption during labour) and I am concerned that by being on my back is damaging. I. Naturally sleep on my left but obviously wake on my back and try to alternate my sleeping positions. I have a dream genii but find it uncomfortable becaus it forces me in one position and I get aching pains down the outside of my thighs when I lie on the opposite thigh, IYSWIM!

Any ideas as to what it could be (restricted blood flow) or any ideas to help me sleep in a better position?

Lizzy86 Fri 05-Dec-14 17:47:51

It seems to be the same with me, lying on my back and get pressure pain. We all know lying on our back isnt good for blood flow etc like you said. I have since put a pillow behind my back whilst lying on my side to help me stay in my side position. It seems to work for me, when i wake up, i'm still lay on my side.

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