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wildfire613 Fri 05-Dec-14 03:16:20

So I found out Saturday I'm pregnant again after having a chemical pregnancy in September. All week the signs and symptoms for a 4 1/2 weeks pregnancy have been there: swollen tender breasts, skipped period, lots of creamy cervical mucus (sorry for the tmi), tired, food aversion, minor cramps, headaches, etc.

But today? Nothing besides one nipple discharging yellowish liquid like it did a few weeks after my Mc last time.

So now I'm worried. I peed on 2 more sticks tonight but I know that even if I was m'ing again, my hcg levels would still be detected on the tests.

Is it normal to have days of no symptoms this early on?

jessplussomeonenew Fri 05-Dec-14 03:49:49

I found symptoms came and went, and it wasn't uncommon to have days when I felt utterly normal - I'm currently feeding the result of that pregnancy! Some people don't get symptoms at all. After a chemical pregnancy it's natural to be worried but try to get some rest and trust your body to do its thing.

hopefull2424 Fri 05-Dec-14 06:30:45

Hi. My symptoms were on and off until I got to 7 weeks and now they have got me full on. Try not to worry -easier said than done as I have been where you are. And huge Congratulations xxx

wildfire613 Fri 05-Dec-14 07:14:49

Thanks Hopeful. Trying to be rational and optimistic. Just didn't realize every twinge in my body would throw me off the deep out of worrying. Then again I should of known better. Worrying and stressing is what I do best. Pregnancy would therefore probably just heightened that. Just need to sit back, relax and pray for no bleeding. One day at a time apparently..

amandalk91 Mon 08-Dec-14 20:23:46

I wouldn't worry about it my symptoms came and went all the time, boobs wouldn't hurt for days then they would. I'm 13 weeks now and the scan was fine. Seriously wouldn't worry but I can't talk I did too haha

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