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Low lying placenta - when would c-section be if it doesn't move?

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DoYouWannaBuildaSnowman Thu 04-Dec-14 22:49:37

My 20 week scan showed slight placenta previa, just covering the edge of the internal os.

Had another scan today at 32 weeks, it's moved a bit but not enough apparently, no longer covering the os but lying right alongside it. I have another scan booked for 36 weeks but didn't see a doctor or anyone today.

If it doesn't move enough, when would they do a c-section? I haven't had any bleeding at all in the pregnancy.

Any stories or advice welcome, feeling a bit clueless about what happens now...

Elletorrito Thu 04-Dec-14 23:01:52

Hi. If it's still too close at the 36 week scan then they will book you in for a section, generally no earlier than 39 weeks. If you go into labour beforehand then you will have an emergency section.

My placenta was v close at 32 weeks and then moved to 2.4 cm away at 36 weeks ( I think they want it to be 2.5 cm away most places but possibly slightly further if your placenta is posterior ) but by then I decided I wanted a section.

Saw a second consultant before the op who said that in his opinion I made the right choice because my baby had not engaged (and my first didn't either) and he thought that there was a high risk that I would have ended with an emergency section if I had tried for a vaginal delivery.

I would ask midwife for a debrief/ meeting with a consultant to be booked in conjunction with your 36week scan

Good luck

DoYouWannaBuildaSnowman Fri 05-Dec-14 11:22:24

Thanks Elletorrito, that's really helpful smile

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