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anyone out there with a subchoroid haematoma diagnosis?

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rowie09 Thu 04-Dec-14 21:11:55

Hi all,

I found out last week that I was having a massive bleed which I thought was m/c (at work,dropped off at a distant a and e - terrifying hours of waiting alone whilst my poor OH to rush up there) but thank god baby was fine and 9 weeks old when epu did a scan!

Apparently cause of the stonking great bleed is this subchoroid haematoma which is sitting below baby (apparently that's good, blood can get out)

Anyway bleeding died down for a while but now back again with horrible clots. Always the nagging feats of a m/c. It's our first. Just feeling a bit alone with it despite the best and most supportive OH ever, wondered if there was anyone else out there with this as there is precious little info/ advice...

leanne963 Fri 05-Dec-14 11:19:19

Hi, I personally don't have any experience but my SIL has suffered terribly this pregnanct with bleeding and has had many many visits to A & E and they too found two large haematomas above and below the baby. She bleed very heavily throughout the early weeks of pregnancy but the clots have shrunk and the baby is doing great. She is now 20 weeks smile
I'm sure things will be fine smile

rowie09 Fri 05-Dec-14 21:01:46

Thanks for the reassurance Leanne. Just wish they'd give me my 12 week scan date...guess I'll have to chase it up...

Pelicangiraffe Fri 05-Dec-14 21:03:25

Yes I had one and a mass bleed. Was told that it would be fine as long as it wasn't touching the baby

Pelicangiraffe Fri 05-Dec-14 21:04:16

Lifting a heavy weight popped mine at 11 weeks. Very scary!!

LittleBairn Fri 05-Dec-14 22:28:25

Yes I had this wow it was a shock the amount of blood! My first bleed was around 7 weeks and then another at 10 weeks. Did they manage to see the pocket to give you an idea of how long your likely to bleed?
After my 2nd bleed they could see the pocket was gone and reassured me I was unlikely to bleed agin and they were right.

LittleBairn Fri 05-Dec-14 22:29:58

If it happens again call EPU (early pregnancy unit) at the nearest hospital and go there try and avoid A&E.

Pelicangiraffe Sat 06-Dec-14 00:35:28

Yes they gave me a vague figure time wise which was almost right. Initially it was awful though, spurting blood in pools, no pain and the Gp saying it was a M/C without checking. Thank goodness for the EPU.

rowie09 Sat 06-Dec-14 20:42:56

They gave me a measurement of the clot but no time estimate. It looked fairly sizeable on the scan...I've had similar experiences with the much of it! thank goodness for tena extra absorbent pads (just in case) or I'd be scared to move more than 5 m away from the loo. Had one more big bleed this week but it seemed a bit more controlled and brief, and now back to light stuff...hoping all is well...really want that 12wk scan...

Thanks for advice 're going straight to epu rather than a and e...

Pelicangiraffe Sat 06-Dec-14 21:04:32

Let is know how the scan goes. You're the first person I've met whose been through the same.

rowie09 Sun 07-Dec-14 10:19:14

Wilco pelicangiraffe! Cross everything for us...

nojaffacakes Sun 07-Dec-14 13:22:02

Hi, I have this too. I am 12 weeks now, but at 7 weeks had a bleed. It scared the life out of me as i've had three miscarriages in the last 18 months. I had a scan and a small sch was seen. I then had a scan a week later and it was much bigger. I was told not to exert myself too much and not to lift anything heavy (like my two other dc, which is difficult to say the least). I then had a bleed at 10 weeks - brown blood and not much of it. A scan the next day showed that the sch had shrunk again.
I am basically just taking it easy. Still at work but not stressing myself over stuff. Not lifting heavy shopping bags or heavy things at work.
From what i've read, some clots can get reabsorbed totally by 20 weeks which is what i'm hoping will happen.
What size is yours? Mine was 4cm x 2cm at its biggest which i was told was moderate relative to the size of the gestational sac.
Hope it turns out ok for you.

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