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rhesus neg + baby possibly swallowing blood/echogenic bowel

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IssMc Thu 04-Dec-14 10:46:06

Hi All,
I'm hoping someone might have some advice for me. This is my first baby. I had my 20 week scan yesterday. Our technician was so lovely and picked up on lots of small brighter dots in our baby's bowel which she described as mildly echogenic. She asked about our chance of down's but it is quite low (1:2500) so she didn't mention it after that. She asked if I have bled at all but I haven't noticed any and would have gone to hospital if I had as I am rhesus neg. She was very reassuring and said that probably the baby had just swallowed a little blood and might have an infection, she ordered a blood test (which I had there) and made me an appointment for another scan (but not for three weeks.) I really am trying to be calm and husband is not too worried but I feel sick about it. If I have bled without knowing is there a chance that my blood may have mingled with my baby's in which case I would be producing antibodies to fight my child? I don't have my anti D injection until Jan. Could the infection be caused by the probable difference in our blood groups or is it something I ate??? And if the baby is fighting off an infection what can I do to help it? Should I be taking it easy (because CHRISTMAS and houseguests and cleaning and life...) or doesn't it really matter? The trying to be calm clearly isn't working very well. I can't stand not knowing and twiddling my thumbs waiting for blood test results which I won't even be given until the scan if all is ok. Any help would be so appreciated!!

blackwidow74 Thu 04-Dec-14 10:55:03

Give your midwife a call and discuss your concerns ... It was my understanding antibodies don't affect a first pregnancy but it may be she gets you in for a precautionary anti d ... The main thing is to remind yourself if it was anything obviously sinister you would have been taken in for more immediate testing ... take from the sonographers confidence and try to not stress ... definitely chat with midwife though x

IssMc Mon 08-Dec-14 16:17:07

Thank you so much! My midwife isn't calling me back but I do feel calmer. The rhesus neg thing becomes a problem once your baby's blood has mixed with yours and you become 'sensitised' but i have no reason to think that that is what has happened, it isn't even what they were worried about. I just heard the word 'blood'... I think saying what i was afraid of 'out loud' as it where really helped calm me down and it makes such a difference knowing people are out there so THANK YOU again! Its actually the first time I have used mums net - won't be my last! X

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